Valentus doesn’t claim to be a Health Drug

Valentus doesn’t claim to be a Health Drug!

Valentus doesn’t claim to be a Health Drug or any Medical Claims, but when you see this Testimony for one of our Associates:  The proof is in the Numbers!
Steve says:

steves-update-jpgLet me start by saying that the person that introduced me to Valentus in July almost didn’t because I was already fairly thin at 6’4″ 201 lbs. and she thought I wouldn’t be interested in losing weight. I started right off with the 12-in-24 plan. As you can see from the pictures I lost several inches and 10 lbs. I love the weight loss but I am amazed about how much better I focus at work, how clearer my mind is and how much better I sleep at night.

What I didn’t know was how the product was affecting my Hypothyroidism. In May of 2013 my TSH score came back at 5.54.I started taking thyroid medication and 9 weeks later I was at 3.64. As you can see from the chart my numbers stayed pretty consistant while on the medication until last week when I had my first physical since I started drinking the coffee. My number dropped to 1.55. The only thing different is I’m now on the Valentus products.

I’m no Doctor and I’m not here to make health claims, so I’ll just let the numbers speak for themselves. Evidently SlimRoast is not just for weight-loss. graphic
. I have a coffee in the morning, a Trim before supper and the Immune before bed. I use the Energy as needed maybe 3-4 times per week
Again no medical claims!   If you want to start feeling yourself again, just Give Valentus a try!
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