Sonya Lombardi-Wagner!

Sonya dropped by to give us an update!
sonya-lombardi-wagner-jpgJust a bit of an update to share with you all that Valentus products continue to amaze me. Before the Christmas season hit I weighed in at 147.1lbs and when I took my weight it wasn’t my intention to gain weight over the holidays but I DID lol! In fact I gained 12lbs in 2weeks!!! OMGOODNESS that’s the size of a small turkey I What can I say other than I ate my share of holiday goodies…hehehe! I steped onto the scale on January 9th and weighed 159.4lbs Once I committed to my routine of the 12in24 plan again on January 9th things started to return to my goal weight again and still in progress to get back to my comfort zone again of 147lbs. But what I’m happy to report is that as of today February 6th I’m weighing in at 152.8lbs. That means in 4 weeks I’ve lost 6.6lbs. I know I’ve also lost inches cause my pants were also fitting tight after the holidays and they’re now fitting like they used to…yahoo! The 2.0 coffee and the 12in24 are still rockin the results folks. Only 7 more pounds to go and I’ll be back where I was before Christmas and I have no doubt that I’ll be there in no time with Valentus products. The proof is in the plan and ya just gotta stay committed and follow it! Feeling great and Loving my Valentus products ☕
Are you ready to turn your life around and get back to your Comfort Zone?  P.M. me for more details!
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