Melody Tria’s Update!

Wow!  Totally amazing!

Melody Tria

left June 2016 i am 125 lbs. and start using april 9 2017
3 products valentus coffee,trim and immune boost for one months loss 10 lbs. (1st pic collage)

Melody Tria 22nd pic collage)
Left may 8, 2017 is 116 and right is 114.8 this morning may 28 at my friend house, before my birthday i treat myself LOL may 20 i make one of my favorite leche flan or custard cake and i am the only one eating this two tray, still have a 1/4 left over big glass container and i love it everytime after i ate want some sweet i love sweet. My husband keep saying you’ll gonna fat again so i said i don’t care hon i have my Valentus coffee and this morning i scale i am wicked shock that i loss 1.2 lbs which i always ate sweet, i ate whatever i want have my ice cream, chips, which i miss this a lot of my favorites:) because i love food and i’m so good in month:) one month avoiding this all my favorites.

Alternate the valentus coffee or immune boost every morning , every day energy drink because we have a lot things to do in the house and yard,work, doing my little exercise at home. Im always go to bed late always 12 or 12 past because i keep sharing this awesome products to all over the world, if they ignore me at least i share this awesome product a lot of people change their life and help people go back their healthy lifestyle even we eat anything:). woke up 6.30 6 1/2 every day sleep, work at tj maxx happy and full charge everyday. This products is totally awesome and miracle for me.

valentus products helps in my anxiety,depression, before every morning my right hand numb when i woke up , stop taking omeprazole for my acid reflex, have allergy in pollen no medication taking. only immune boost. I feel more confident and hyper whatever i do. i just share my experience cause i’m so happy and grateful that i can have all my favorites food 🙂 with no worries for anything.

a lot of Thank to Rose Uzzel and thank to Valentus.
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