Melissa McKee’s Testimony!

Way to Go, Melissa!
When I started the 12in24 program on June 1st I also started a candida diet. You can google it for guidelines like I did for foods to savor and foods to avoid. I had done some reading on it and realized I was experiencing symptoms from all 5 stages of candida overgrowth (YouTube has many videos on this topic). I feel SO much better that I’ve made the diet a lifestyle change, not just a cleanse! I absolutely could not have stuck to the diet change without the Valentus drinks!! They provided me with health, wellness and energy while I went through die-off! My body tried to protest the killing of the candida but it needed to be done so I stuck with it! I won’t lie though, I cried a lot the first 2-4 weeks! The drinks really kept me on track! They curbed my appetite making it easier to ignore the cravings for the bad foods, started burning my fat away, gave me so much energy to stay busy with projects around the house all summer, and (knock on wood lol) I haven’t had a cold since I started with Valentus! And I’ve seen some friends and family fall with some brutal colds!😕. I focused all summer on just sticking to the diet and drinking the drinks, and keeping up on mowing!😜. That’s all I did for exercise the first 3 months! After school went back in September (8th) I started doing an exercise video. My favorite is Billy Blanks Taebo Insane Abs. It’s just under an hour and despite the title, it is a full body workout. Even though I had lost 30lbs already I was really out of shape! The first couple of weeks kicked my butt! I would sometimes only do half the video, sometimes skipping certain exercises, but in no time at all I was doing the whole thing 6 days a week. Now I alternate days with 1.5lb weights on my ankles and 1lb weights in my hands then 1 day without either. They don’t feel like much weight at first, but they make a difference! I take Saturday’s off for Valentus and exercise! Since starting I’ve lost a total of 40lbs and 35in!! So only 10 of those pounds have been since I started exercising but I’ve toned up a lot of loose skin from the first 30lbs of weight loss. That proves you don’t need to exercise to lose weight with Valentus!!! These drinks are amazing!! My IBS is gone, my heartburn is gone, I’m not bloated or uncomfortable after eating anymore, and I have enough energy to exercise 6 days a week, keep up with the chores, even dreaded dusting that no one wants to do lol, and I have more confidence about my body now vs when I was younger and had a healthy body. I’m almost 40 and for the first time in my life I just might wear a bikini next summer!! 🤗👙☕
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