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Fabulous Tuesdays Continues with another great 12in24 Testimony!
This time from Liwanag Myra:
Liwanag MyraIts been 3months since i started using Valentus Coffee 209lbs to start with.My story didnt come out pretty well it took a lot of hardwork and heartache seeing the scale goes on and off on me and even plateau .I started first month with just the Valentus Coffee which i really love then move to doing the 12in24 including Trim(which i get gassy everytime iam drinking it) add up Energy (love it! working long hours in the kitchen helps me get through the day) Then my personal favorite the Immune which gives me a good night sleep (specially to an insomiac like me)when i needed it and knowing that iam getting healthy by drinking it and getting enough rest and be ready for the next day.The scale and my fats didnt work well on me but I notice wearing Xlarge clothes down Large gave me hope to continue drinking the Valentus Coffee then on the 2nd month i undergo the Candida Cleanse for 15days and stop drinking the Trim and Immune but focus mainly on the coffee 15days no rice no bread while undergoing the Cleansing…in span of 3days i lost 3lbs after 15days i achieve the -12lbs happy and thrilled with the results bow to lessen the bread and rice on my diet. And the people who knows me well started to notice the changes in me …Up to this day Iam still on the process and iam happy and thankful that i started using Valentus Thankful to Sis Julie Atienza for never giving up on me,always being there when i needed to ask and learn about the process, and what might be the possible way in making the most out of Valentus Product. Got great Result and iam happy and energetic just by drinking coffee.I still got more fats/lbs. to lose so never give up keep calm and drink Valentus Coffee😉😉
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