Kevin and Theresa~ Bravo!

Bravo Kevin and Theresa!   :muscle::heartbeat::coffee::muscle::heartbeat::coffee: :muscle::heartbeat::coffee::muscle::heartbeat::coffee:
kevin-and-theresa-findleySince I have gotten to my goal weight… I have had many people ask me “so now what?”. Well, here is what… Because my metabolism has been reset, I can go off the products completely and not worry about weight gain. That being said, I have changed many things in my life and learned a lot about myself through this journey. I want to share my story of self discovery and my food crutch.
~The first month that I did the 12/24 plan, I still ate close to the same as I had before I started. I filled my dinner plate the same and ate it all. Which resulted in a very sick feeling in the evening.
~The second month I filled my plate the same but noticed I wasn’t eating as much because I didn’t want to feel yucky.
~In the third month I was able to recognize my hunger and how much I needed to put on my plate.
* Around the 2-3 week of being on Valentus products I noticed I wasn’t super hungry, and even better wasn’t craving junk food or carbs.
I personally believe if I had quit the 12/24 plan early on, I would have fell back in to bad habits, but I have learned to recognize when I am eating for nourishment or for comfort now.
Having been on so many fad diets and such, I now see that for me, Weight Watchers probably was the one that was the healthiest for my body. BUT absolutely the WORST for my mind! I was obsessed with food! How much can I eat, and how can I “save points” for a pepsi or a glass of wine???? When I shed 30 lbs with ww, I slowly went back to old habits… and the weight crept back on! It was mindset! And It took me at least 6 months being with Valentus to recognize that!
SO NOW WHAT? Well, I LOVE VALENTUS! I love the products and what they do for me… I am not following a certain program. I take the products that I want, when I want them. So most days I do have my SlimRoast, a couple times a week I will enjoy a trim or an energy, and every single day I take my Immune Boost! I am looking forward to getting back into running, and riding my horse and bike. (I started riding the bike late last summer when I began Valentus, and enjoyed it!?!?!?) I am also exciteed about having the energy to keep up with Aaron and Lane, those boys have some serious energy!!!
It is pure joy for me to share this with you all, and to have friends and family share their results with me!
Thank you for your support and encouragement!
Lots of Love to You All! Teresa.
Are you ready to start your Journey?  P.M. me today!
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