Guy Andersen’s 1st Time with PrevailMAX!

PrevailMAX Testimonial!  Wow!  Had to Share this!

 In just a short time!  Amazing results from the PrevailMAX!

Guy Andersen’s 1st Time with PrevailMAX!

Susan Andersen has this to say about her husband~!
Guy Andersen-before and after PrevailMAXMost of my friends here know that Guy has had a hell of a time with his health the last year and a half. He was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis of the lungs years ago and will never have full capacity of his lungs. He went through a lot last year – being on oxygen 24/7 for many months, high dose prednisone and immune suppressents, every test under the sun and 4 weeks in ICU in Edmonton this summer. His health is much better now, but he still has shortness of breath and his oxygen levels are generally in the 84-85% range.
Most of my friends also know that I am apart of Valentus and believe 100% in this company and it’s all natural products. Most people believe these products are for weight loss. They’re not. They are core nutrition for all over health and wellness, alkalizing the body and weight loss is generally the side effect of having a healthier body.
This is what happened to Guys oxygen levels after 4 oral squirts of new Valentus PrevailMax. This product after 1 use has done more for him then anything he’s gone through in the last 18 months. No tubes required.
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