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Tamara is glad for her 12in24 plan after she gave birth to 2nd child!  Here is what she has to say!
So let’s talk pregnancy, childbirth and recovery! I dunno about the rest of you but being pregnant is hard work. Between the expanding belly, body aches, being tired, water retention, nausea, hormone changes, etc etc. It almost makes you wonder why anybody would wanna do this! Especially more than once. But then you go into labour and wanna punch your husband for getting you into this mess! Just kidding he knows you’ll love him after! Then you hold this tiny little bundle of joy and and it was all worth it. All your cares go away looking into the eyes of this tiny human you created. After you’re released you go home worn down physically, mentally and emotionally. You got this new baby that takes up the better part of your life while your trying to recover. And I dunno about you but I would just like to sleep and unfortunately as a new parent we do get to do that so we plug on through the day.
 Valentus 12in24
Now my testimony. I went on July 5 for my 4th scheduled c-section with a tubal ligation. I have never been in more pain in my life even with the painkillers they had me on. I get why they get you up and make you move but WHY Does it have to be so hard. When I had my last son they cleaned out scar tissue it took more than two weeks to be able to walk and constantly feeling like crap. This time I was up moving the first day. Yes it was hard yes it hurt but I was still able to do it. Not to mention all the medications they had me on post surgery in hospital. Between the antibiotics, pain killers, Tylenol, gravol, stool softeners I was literally a walking pharmacy and I couldn’t of felt more lethargic. I couldn’t wait to go home and do it my way.
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After being released from the hospital I decided to jump right back on the 12&24 plan with incorporating the energy because I knew that I would have build up of toxins from all the medications from the hospital and I knew I needed to flush them out. But I also knew that I should of felt worse after this surgery with having the tubes tied, but I DIDN’T! Within in the first few days of being home no more pain killers, was up and walking normally without there being pain at least till later in the day. Week two being able to play with my 16 month old, cook, do simple cleaning, even bend over to put him to bed. Now we’re on week 3 and I feel like myself prior to pregnancy. I have never felt so good in my life and I owe it all to these AMAZING Products because I know without them I definitely would of not of been able to recover so fast especially being an overweight girl makes it challenging. The whole statement about sleeping when baby is sleeping doesn’t apply cuz my 16 month old has other plans in mind. Lol. But I can say I am more thankful now than ever before for our energy product because for the little sleep I do get at night the energy helps me power through the day with these little guys without missing a beat.12in24 lifestyle plan
I am so grateful for what these products are doing in my life and so many others. #thankyoudaveandjoyce
*By no means am I making health claims here. This is personal experience only and no I am not breastfeeding.*
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