Gina Marie’s Testimony!

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Gina Marie.jpHey there,
Yes it’s that crazy blonde #SlimRoastCoffee #HipHopFit junkie posting another comparison pic. I am sharing this one tonight because as I was looking through old pix when I was at my heaviest I came across the pic on the left taken just short of a year ago.

I had received a kind compliment tonight about how far I’ve come, which lead me to go through my weightloss pix. Looking at me on the left, I can understand now why so many let me know of all the changes they’ve seen in me.

I knew I had gained weight and increased my dress size but I had no idea exactly how much. It’s not fun being sidelined from being active when you know your body needs it. I remember wearing this dress and feeling good in it until I saw pix. Quickly realizing I was losing control of my health again.

I’m choosing to share my struggles in hopes that it might encourage someone else not to give up. I have always been on my own in my weightloss journey. The first time when I lost 165 pounds and then again after I saw this pic.

Contrary to what most think; a person doesn’t always have to be stuffing their face morning noon and night with poor food choices. Illness, injury, or simply not eating enough and limited exercise can quickly pack on the pounds. I know, I have pix that confirm it.

I’m very grateful for all the amazing souls that have been so wonderful to me. Reminding me I’m making progress, encouraging me, offering hugs when I’ve needed them most. Many know that I have chronic pain from a back injury, so my journey is fueled to do everything I can to ease the pain & avoid surgery first & foremost.

I’m not looking for compliments or kudos. I want others to know they’re not alone. If I can make a change not once but twice, ANYONE can! You have to WANT it bad enough. If you know anyone that’s struggling, please share this post.

Take charge of your health. Baby steps if need be. Don’t give up. Come join me for a class, you’ll quickly see why enjoy it so much. @ Hip Hop Fit with Gene Hicks

Thank you Patrice for your #RedCarpetChallenge idea, it helped to keep me focused and on track. Forcing me to #KeepItReal by seeing the numbers on the scale and in the measurements. #Accountable again.
#NotADietLifestyleChange #IsaDoesABodyGood💪🏻‼️

Need support or have questions re how I am working towards my goals,
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