Gina Marie

Wow! Thank God for pictures, says Gina!  You look amazing!
I knew I had gained back some of my hard fought pounds I lost but I didn’t realize how much so. Beside myself for a moment…
gina-marie2As many of you know, I have a back injury that causes great pain. Started years ago when I was very active as a Realtor. As I became more successful, the more pain I began to endure. Always putting it off until “later” .
Later became almost 200 pounds and not being able to do little things like walk or sit without constant unbearable pain. Consulting with doctors, their way of “fixing” me was back surgery (fusion). I decided that wasn’t for me.
Determined I could do this without surgery, I started riding a recumbent bike for hours at a time. Slowly the pounds came off & with the help of my chiropractor, more weight came off as exercising became less painful.
165 pounds later and down many dress sizes all was well, so I thought. Years later the pain came back with a vengeance. No longer could I ride the bike, or walk, let alone exercise in my favorite class Hip Hop Fit.
Sidelined for months, the weight began creeping back on. Distraught to say the least, I stayed off the scale. Didn’t want to see how much I gained back.
After many months, doctors and treatments later, the weight slowly started coming off again and dress sizes began shrinking. Of course then my worst enemy, Plateau showed up.
image_fb01146b-3817-4e9c-8d7c-6fe709ca42cb20170129_002239Grateful for the advantage of social media, I came across a post a friend placed…this great weight loss coffee. Now I know what you’re thinking because I was skeptical to say to the least.
Seeing pix of his before and a few weeks into drinking the coffee gave me the courage to try it. Still at $50 a box I was nervous & scared. Being a single parent with only one lower income than I was used to, that’s a lot of money to me.
That was the beginning of August and I haven’t looked back. I drink the coffee every day and I hated coffee ☕️ but I love the results. People I never knew would approach me in class to let me know that they could see a difference in me.
gina-marieWow! Imagine that. That kept me going and still does when the scale doesn’t move as much as I’d like for it to. Over the last few months that I have been incorporating this product into my healthy lifestyle of watching what I’m eating and exercising, I’ve gone back down again. From a size 14 or large/extra large down to a small or 6/8.
Determined to finally reach my goal weight one of these days, my main goal now is to become as lean and strong as I can to help keep my pain away. Please feel free to msg me should you have any questions or such. I believe in this product more and more each day.
Are you ready to begin?  P.M. me today!
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