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Wow!  Going on 2 1/2yrs!  Loving the results, Fonda!
First Posted June/2016!
Fonda VadnaisI was looking for a change. I was tired of being tired and run down, tired of being sick all the time, and I also wanted to lose some weight. I had been at my all time heaviest three years ago, went on an unhealthy weight lost kick, lost 20 pounds and promptly put it back on – story of my life since University. In October of 2015 I was introduce to the #12in24 plan from Valentus. I had seen my friend from work go through a drastic change in her weight as well as her energy level since the previous spring so I gave it a try. In the first 24 days I had lost 11 pounds and 14.5 inches. Two months in and I was down 14.5 pounds and 22 inches total – WOW! I also noticed that I had not been sick and I was finding it easier to get up in the mornings (and I was still coaching and teaching full time at this time). The products are so simple to use and the #12in24 plan is so easy to follow without the traditional restrictions of other diets – making this weight loss/maintenance program sustainable – even a person like me who loves food and has little to no will power when it comes to eating.
Fonda Vadnais2After the third month I knew I had to start sharing this product with other people so that they too could feel great so I started looking at the business side of Valentus with the support from Cathy and Doug Gregory. My husband started on the products and in the first 24 days he lost 10 pounds and 5 inches on his belly and although my weight loss had slowed down a lot, I continued to lose inches. I was down 18 pounds and 24 inches after the forth month. Oh, and I also quite smoking in that fourth month. I have quit a number of times before but his time I found it a lot easier – continuing to lose weight also helped I am sure, but we also noticed that I did not have the mood swings I had experienced before. I attribute this to the Valentus products.
Five months in and down 19 pounds and 25 inches and still going………
It has now been 8 and ½ months. I have only lost 1 more pound since quitting smoking 5 and ½ months ago, but I have continued to lose inches. I am down 20 pounds and 29 inches over all. Time to take new pictures soon!!!

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