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This is something I never wanted to talk about, was embarrassed about and in denial of.
I have suffered with Fibromyalgia & Endometriosis since the age of 15. Drs told me what it was after giving birth to my Son at the age of 21. I was on and off different medications for the past 40 years, trying to cover up some of the symptoms, going to work and just wanting to cry and be in bed away from everyone to sleep or try to get rid of the constant pain, brain fog, fatigue etc. Trying to act like nothing was wrong, trying to be a wife and a Mom that felt normal… Not in constant pain.
I won’t go into all the details of what has happened to my body in the past 40 years, but I will tell you what has happened in the past 14 months.
I went off all medication because we suddenly had no coverage, the stress in life was worse then ever, I felt like I was finished.
Then a friend of mine introduced me to Valentus. I wanted to loose weight gained as a result of Fibromyalgia & Endometriosis, I thought I would try never ever thinking it would help with anything else.
12 in 24 - try it-risk itAfter my first Slimroast coffee I felt something (not really sure what it was) happier, everything in life felt better. Then the Trim and the Immune Boost… ok I knew by the end of the week this was my lifesaver! The fatigue, neck & shoulder pain, sadness, restless legs and so much more we’re basically gone! And I lost 26 lbs & 30 inches!!! I knew I found gold!
Everything was wonderful for about 10 month, then I had massive ear infections and did 4 different rounds of antibiotics….. my life was slowly creeping back to what it was, I gained back all the weight I lost on the 12in24:( The pain and fatigue etc. was back:(
I have Candida so bad from the antibiotics, I tried different cleanses that didn’t work, I tried one that everyone said works and I couldn’t follow the diet and it was gross…. waste of money.
I know I’ll be back on track in no time…
Valentus Accelerator pack trioI started our New Breakthrough Cleanse on Sunday, it’s one of a kind, definitely the best, finally something that I can follow and really works. I also started Prevail Max, it’s cleaning my blood so I can absorb oxygen & nutrients the way I’m meant to.
I’m now having my first cup of our Italian Slimroast that we just brought back for sale and 1/2 way through the cup I already feel what I used to!!!
I’m so excited for these next few months, I know I will have a great life again thanks to all of my Valentus products. I will never go back on the drugs with the terrible side effects, I don’t need them.
Thank you Valentus for changing my life and allowing me to change the lives of others!
Thank you Dave Jordan & Joyce Jordan!
Updates to follow!💜😊☕️👊🏻
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