Donald Kennedy’s 12 day Detox!

Great Testimonies like Donald’s make it worth the while!

Well here it is everybody. My final results !
As they say ” Be the image of your products” So, I tried our new products that just came out and here is what happened after following our new “Accelerator Weightloss Program” :

✔ Day 1 : Sunday May 7 – 202.6 lbs 😱
✔ Day 3 : Tuesday May 9 – 195.8 lbs 😊
✔ Day 6 : Friday May 12 – 193.4 lbs 🙄
✔ Day 9 : Monday May 15 – 193.0 lbs 🙄
✔ Day 12 : Last day of the program. 🤔
✔ Day 13 : Thursday May 19 – 189.2 lbs 😀🤗

Donald Kennedys 12 day detox results.jpg▶️ TOTAL WEIGHTLOSS = 13.4 lbs !!!

Donald Kennedy - Accelerator Pack➡️ What I did :
✔ Max (4 squirts) first thing in the morning.
✔ Breakthrough AM with my Italian SlimRoast
30 min later.
✔ Max (4) just before diner.
✔ Max (4) just before supper.
✔ Breakthrough PM as a warm tea about 1 hr before bed. I mixed it up a bit with my immune. Found it sweet so had it with a half pack of immune the next night. Another night I drank it with coconut oil and another night with a bit of honey.

↪Overall opinion : How can I not be happy about these results!?! Unbelievable! This is the second time in my life i did a cleanse and I am just amazed ! No Gym, no diet ! Just adding water ! Simplicity at it’s finest !
↪ The energy I had was more than I have had in YEARS ! The MAX is the product that surprised me the most !
↪ Yes the PM Breakthrough tastes like 💩 but hey , what the heck are you trying to get out of your body when you do a detox ? All the 💩 that has polluted your body over time, right…and geez it is only 12 days ! 😅 Just mix up the PM with something like I did.
↪ I did feel weird after the first 2 days and it was noticeable that my body was detoxing. I did feel it and at one point I did feel like getting sick but I sucked it up.💪💪😉 It only lasted for about 5 to 10 minutes.
↪ The Italian SlimRoast Weightloss coffee is A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-E-Y delicious !! 😍☕😍
↪ I do have to admit that I did respect the 12 day program. I did not eat anything bad like takeout food or whatever🍕🚫🌭.
I respected that I was doing an “oil change” so I didn’t want to put the oil back into the system while i was changing the oil.
↪ I didn’t keep my promise though…and it was not to drink alcohol while on the program🍷🥂
I did drink 2 glases of wine on the weekend and maybe that is why my weightloss was only .4 lbs but I did respect that I limited my alcohol intake because i realy wanted to get the full results from the products.
↪ And after a year of a severely twisted ankle and sore knees from being a hockey goalie, I finaly felt no pain and I am totaly convinced that it is because of the MAX. Time will tell. I did play 4 games of ball hockey this week and never felt better !!

So there it is folks. This is realy what I needed in soooooo many ways and I am so amazed by the results ! To all Valentus reps, you are more than welcome to share or ask questions ! That is what Family is all about !!!
Got the Picture?   Breakthrough Works!  PM me for more detail or visit and get back to me on how you can order yours!
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