Charlotte Williams Story!

OK, for all you procrastinators; making excuses You don’t like coffee!  Valentus Trim is a healthy alternative!
Just look how it worked for Charlotte!
Charalotte WilliamsThis has taken a lot of guts to post this. Since I’ve changed careers I’m not so active anymore. My body has changed with age with the usual hips getting wider (I guess it’s getting ready for having a baby) haha and becoming generally a lot more curvier.

That added with lack of exercise and admittedly, a bad diet has just made me hate my body and has stripped my confidence.

I was skeptical at first with these products but I thought, “no I’ll give it a go, I don’t have much to lose”.

Well, after drinking the juice on and off for 3 weeks (as I didn’t buy all at once so the products weren’t taken straight after each other) I was so keen to see results.

The first week, I lost a couple of lbs and was loving it.

The second and third week I kept jumping on the scales (as I’m impatient and wanted to see results straight away) and was disheartened to see no weight loss.

HOWEVER, a month ago I took a picture to motivate me to get to the gym. I thought, “why don’t I take a picture today to see if there’s a difference from three weeks of drinking the juice”


I was so shocked at the difference in my body. The bloating is not there anymore as I really do blow up with anything I drink or eat. Seeing these results was such a boost.


Everyone is different, everyone’s body works differently. It’s SOOOOO IMPORTANT to take before pictures as you may not see a difference in weight but in inches!

This isn’t my ideal body goal but this is a start to my journey in becoming more confident and to finally get back to where I want to be.
Valentus is not Just about the  “Coffee”  It’s about Health and Vitality!  Check out our Products here:
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