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Even the smallest difference become noticeable!  Just ask Charlotte!
P e r s o n a l R e s u l t s
Good morning 😘
So….I wanted to share with you my journey so far.
6 weeks ago I started a 1 week trial of the Trim Juice 🍍. I was skeptical that such a drink could make you lose weight.
How wrong was I?! 🤦🏻‍♀
I lost 4lbs in 1 week😱 I didn’t change my diet🙅🏽and I didn’t add any additional exercise.
Excited about my results, I then ordered 2 more weeks of the juice🍍….now I am a very impatient person and after seeing the results in the first week, I was itching to jump on the scales again after the 2 week trial…… NOTHING😬 not 1lb lost.
I was so disheartened. 😔How could I have lost weight in just a week of drinking the juice and then two weeks later not lose anything……
Charlotte WilliamsI took a photo after the two weeks and compared it to a before picture to see if visually there was any difference and I could see a dramatic change in my belly and in general, my shape 👏🏻
What I had also noticed was the fact that my bloating had gone down. I only have to drink a glass of water and my belly would blow up like a balloon 🎈but after a day of drinking and eating, I had NO BLOATING.
I suffer mildly with endometriosis whereby my monthly’s are just THE WORST😭 it’s just the most horrific pain 😭BUT again I had noticed my pain was not even half as bad as it normally was👏🏻
Another 4 weeks have passed and I have been continuing to drink either a coffee ☕ or a juice 🍍a day and adding in an immune Boost 🍇from time to time.
My results have been minimal to nothing visually and I was starting again to think, this isn’t working for me, what am I doing wrong? 🤔
I then read into some of the ingredients in our products and it just amazed me how good these products really are and that NOT ALL results will be visual.🙌🏻
When you first take these products, your body will be turned upside down so to speak. It will go into a detox mode. A lot of what we eat doesn’t always exit the body! Which means our intestines will hold onto waste 😖 Also weight we have put on over time will also be VERY RESISTANT to leave the body.
Admittedly I haven’t had a great diet, I’ve skipped meals in the past, I have eaten lots of bad things, I haven’t had a nutritional diet and my exercise has relaxed over time.
When ingesting our products the ingredients will get to work and slowly repair all the damage you have created in your body over time. THIS WILL TAKE TIME ⏰ everyone differs.
Now I know we all want to see visual results as I am like this, but we mustn’t forget the saying
❤”A healthy outside starts from a healthy inside” 
I guess what I’m trying to say is, weight loss isn’t the be-an-end-all of taking these products.
Yes you will lose weight but it won’t be smooth sailing ⛵ you will put on weight and then lose it. Let’s not forget here that weight isn’t what you are looking to lose….. IT’S FAT. DON’T FORGET fat is lighter than muscle, so if you are working out, it’s more likely you will put on weight due to the muscle you are building. You won’t get visual results every week of taking our products.
BUT…. you will start to feel different in yourself. By this I mean start to celebrate your NON-SCALE VICTORIES.
For me, my skin has cleared up so much! My skin has brightened, I feel less stressed, I feel happier, I am more in control about making healthier food choices, I have fewer sugar cravings, I am not getting sick. I could list so much more. But you get the point.
The aim is to get you HEALTHY again from the inside and out. To fix all the inside to help you look and feel better on the outside. 
IT’S IMPORTANT to Change your mindset, stop comparing yourself to someone else. We are all different, we have all eaten differently in the past so results may take longer than others. DO NOT GIVE UP.
I was so close to but below is a picture I’ve taken this morning and I feel so much better in myself. I am starting to slowly love my body again. Watch this space…. 2 more months down the line I will have so much more to share
You too can love your body again!    PM me for more info!
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