Danielle started drinking drinks in the spring of 2015 The products have been regularly consumed by the product.
* all before and after the picture is real, there are no photo and real people in the pictures.
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The Valentus Compensation Plan

Whether it’s my SlimRoast Coffee, Energy, Immune Boost, Trim, Breakthrough or Prevail Max,  Website prices are all the same.  Mix and match if you like.  The BEST MONEY you’ll ever spend. Personally down 25lbs, at least 30 inches fat, off Blood Pressure Meds, Fibro is under control and FEEL like a Million. If you also want to be a distributor add a $20 one time membership fee.   PM me, 🙂


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Leslie Ann says –   Hi everyone I’ve been taking these products for about 5 weeks now and lost 14ib the last time I weighed myself was 11 days ago before I came on holidayI am still on holiday this is my own personal pictures from 17/7/17 – 27/7/1710 DAYS on holiday and instead of putting weight on I’m NOT 🍹☕This has took a lot for me to share these pictures x


This gallery contains 3 photos. This explains our 12 in 24 plan! This is the plan that most have been on since starting their journey! When added in the PrevailMAX and  the Breakthrough Detox, you can then accelerate your weight loss! Check it out!  … Continue reading

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Valentus!  Everyone’s Hero!Wow just look at Carly’s Success!
I have no pics to share.. I HATED taking pics of myself, especially full pics. I am 2 months in now and feel amazing, almost confident enough to post pics. I have lost about 10 inches total and really notice it. My allergies have cleared up to the point that I only need an antihistamine once a week if that. I went shopping this past week while on a mini vacay to Seattle and almost cried. I never could buy what I wanted, only what would fit me. I was with my husband and tried on a dress, in XL which would not have fit 2 months ago. I was unsure if I should take it into the dressing room, to avoid that feeling if disgust that I would experience always.. But I took it in there anyway………. OMG it fit perfectly!!!!!! Tears of happiness flooded my eyes and cheeks.. I was in joy while my husband was concerned and confused as to why I was crying coming out of the dressing room lol.. I was like DAMN this is actually working.. I guess it was my first realization that I am so much healthier, I love Valentus and its amazing.
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