I hear this time and time again, “Your coffee is expensive!” Well let me put it to you this way, how much do you pay a month on junk food, pop, chemically filled energy drinks? Those who pay for these professionals to help you lose weight?

This past Sunday (June 24th), I listened to a team call with one of our leaders, Don Carson. He brought up a very good point in answering these questions….

He said..

How much per pound would you pay to lose weight?. Think about it the average healthy weight loss per month is 2 pounds per week or 8 pounds a month .

Most commercial weight loss companies charge you anywhere from 300 to 700 per month in products etc . Let’s use the low end of the spending scale and say $400 per month . That means those people are paying $ 50 dollars for every pound of weight loss . What if you had a product that actually paid you to lose weight . Not in funds but in savings . Let me explain. The average grocery bill per week is $300 to $500 per week for a family of 4 . Here is the secret. I know where you can find a product that crushes cravings and at a minimum in my case I’m eating 10 percent less food each week . Hmmmm??? 10 percent of 1200 is 120 bucks . 10 percent of $ 2000 is $ 200 in savings . Ok ok I know your curious so let me say this . The highest amount I’ve paid is $90 a month for this stuff so I’m getting in savings at a min $120 to $200 back in a smaller grocery bill per month .

Want to know more? Well I’m not selling it here but I am sharing it here so ask me about it and maybe just maybe you can get a free sample from me !!!!! Nudge nudge wink wink

Tx Don

Now when I post, ask or encourage you to try our Optimum, I hope you will stop and think! And say “Yes it it worth the price!”

My next question… Are you ready to order? Optimum Dark Roast Coffee at its finest!

Come join my team! And get paid to lose weight and drink coffee!

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