Angela is Singing/Crying Praises!


Angela is Singing / Crying her praises that she is a changed Woman!  And she did it all on the 12in24 Plan!

It’s been hard for me to post these, but I want to be raw & real with you all. L**Edit 👀k AT THE DIFFERENCE IN MY SHOULDERS AND ARMS  Edit ‼️A friend texted me and said BE PROUD! Valentus is changing my family’s life and health!! I thought about posting a video but I know I wouldnt be able to hold it together without crying because of how it’s tremendously helped my husband and my daughter’s. Altogether, we’ve lost over 35 pounds in THREE weeks!!!My husband’s sugars are stabalizing… but I want to let them share their story when they are ready. Here is my story…I had a hysterectomy when I was 31. I’ve had hot flashes and weight gain in the weirdest places from menoPAUSE. My metabolism has plummitted since my surgery. Ive felt like Ive been in sloth mode for 5 years. I embraced 40 this year, but it didn’t want to embrace me…lol 
I got sick from a chemical bomb for 3 months just after my bday. I gained almost 20 pounds! These pics show a three week difference with the 12in24 plan. YOU CAN SEE MAJOR difference in my shoulders and arms…I know…weird place to gain weight! I measured EVERYTHING b4 I started this. I’m thankful to say I’m down 13 pounds and a total of 8 inches! I wish I could pat myself on the back saying I’ve changed my diet and exercise BUT life gets busy! This has motivated my family to start making some changes…BUT these results are from product ONLY! My hot flashes are gone. My migraines are gone. My metabolism is on FIREEEEE. Yay! I only get fired up about 2 things..Jesus..friends & family..but NOW I’ve added Valentus to my list. Its changing lives! I have many who are on the trial packs and sending me their testimonies. This is a vehicle of CHANGE and Im so thankful for it! I’ve seen my family and friends struggle with weight and with their overall health. I love to help people with their struggles. ..I love loving people..and so I am sharing this with friends…because Valentus is changing our lives and I want you to have the same opportunity as my sweet friend Mary gave to us. We were praying and God sent us a friend with this amazing product. Thank you Mary R. Staudt for thinking of us! 

GOD bless you my friends! ♡

Your Journey awaits!  Choice your  coffee, the 12in24 or go big with the Accelerate Pack!  PM me for more info!

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