LOOK AT KIRA!!!! Here’s her update…So. I literally posted earlier this month for the first time in this group. Saying verbally what it has done for me. Now here are the pictures!

I am literally just starting my 2nd week of my 2nd round of #12in24 and have done 2 rounds of the breaking cleanse (12 days on, 12 days off). There were days that I might of had a prevail energy or a second slimroast, and sometimes have the prevail max but the only consistent thing was the #12in24

* I am a preferred customer, I did not diet, I did not exercise, I only drank maximum 8 glasses of water a day, including the water added to the beverages. In fact just this week I have been trying to drink “half of our weight in ounces of water” and even then I’m not consistent*

It’s funny how so impatient I have been! I mean it’s just been over a month so I have to say for just over a month! My results are amazing! For me, they are amazing!

If there is anything I can recommend to the ladies taking this or trying this is do not weigh or take pictures or take inches during 2 weeks of the month you know to be the most bloated. I always want to throw in the towel than because I think the products are not working!

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