Information for New Customers and Distributors

Information for New Customers and Distributors

Product and Support Information:


The info as to when as suggested by the Company is put on the website however I or the company should have sent a guideline as to when to use each product.  Now if you ordered any one of the Valentus Products, follow the guidelines I have listed below: for the PrevailMAX, the Slim Roast Coffee (Brazilian and Italian), the Breakthrough AM/PM, Immune, Energy. 


For to get results, it depends on of course the person using the products as to how quickly you get results.   Also, the results may differ from person to person.  

The Max, you should feel almost immediately, the difference in energy, less brain fog which should last for hours, with each use.  

The slim roast coffee you should see the difference – with your eating habits – eating less junk foods, sugars, not as many cravings (of course training your body to eat the proper foods is a bonus).  You may not see the weight coming off right away, but the fat should be starting to burn away slowly.  My suggestion is not to weigh yourself, but rather to find a pair of pants or belt that is too small, say a couple sizes smaller.   That is you goal to reach each time…. and when you do, pick a smaller size again, and same thing, use this as your lose weight goal.   Eventually the weight will drop.  Myself, with just drinking the coffee – I didn’t actually notice any difference until about the 3rd month of drinking the Slim Roast coffee, as my weight didn’t drop any or much.  A fellow business associate who I known for about 4 years, told me, don’t watch the scales… focus on losing the body fat.


Best way to achieve weight loss is to eat healthy foods, not processed foods.  Try to exercise, even if just going for walks for about 20 mins to 1 hour a day.   I myself, try to follow a Low Carb – High Fiber diet with mostly Clean Eating.   Although, with the high carbs, I haven’t cut them out completely but have reduced them considerable.  And I find it helps.  But of course, eat person is different, some people, they find they need the carbs – in that case, if you eat carbs, eat them within reason.  Don’t go overboard, eat the recommended amount with your local health and nutritional association.  Here in Canada, we have a Canadian Nutrition Guide that is recommended to follow.   I researched for you the Australian food guide:  


This should help to give you a guideline for setting up your healthy eating habits. 

The main thing is to eat foods that are not processed.  My suggestion is not to give up yet.  

The weight did not just appear overnight, it probably took months or years to gain it  or may have always had this issue.

So in order to lose the weight and to maintain the weight loss, it takes time.   Suggested weight loss, once start losing is 1 1/2 to to lbs or 2.2 to 4 kgs a week.  Also having a support system helps.  I have 2 support groups, 1 on Facebook ( and 1 on Google Plus (


For Best Support, please join us in our support and information groups on both Facebook and Google Plus:


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We also have a group support with Valentus that show great testimonies and support:   I sent you a request to join it the other day via email.  I would suggest joining it to help you with support.  Below I am forwarding some simple instructions for using the 3 products you have.


So going forward these are the uses for best results:

facebook_14912076156891Prevail MAX:   3-4 Sprays on the tongue – 3 Times a day. (Most use it in the morning as soon as they get up; midday – can be before or after meal, doesn’t have specifics as to exact time to take it;   at bedtime – just before bed.. can be taken at when you have the PM drink of Breakthrough, or after it)


wp-1499527275389.Breakthrough AM:  Suggested time is first thing in the morning, can be with the coffee, about 30 to 60 minutes before eating. (depending on the time you allow yourself in the mornings) for 12 days on, then 12 days off, then repeat for as long as you like.  It is a great detox, especially for those who suffer from Candida 

Breakthrough PM:  take 1 drink (suggested as a Hot Tea drink, some mix the Immune with it – if you have it., perhaps with lemon) just before bedtime. and same as the AM – 12 days on, then 12 days off.


6a7fd19e3293dbe366f0b694b4c593d9Slim Roast Coffee:  Suggested times:  1 cup in the morning (30 – 45 mins before eating)  Can drink with suggestions, Half reg coffee/ half Slim Roast, with Almond or 2% milk, or as the you like it.  Myself i prefer it black.   You can have a second cup, with suggesting drinking it again 30 – 40 before eating for best results.





Immune:  Take 1 at bedtime for a restful sleep.  Immune also gives you immune system a boost as well


Energy drink


Energy:  Take 1 or twice a day, especially after a workout to help but up the fluids and energy lost while working out.  Great for an afternoon pick me up as well.


I hope this helps, and I am always a quick message away if you have any more problems.  Don’t hesitate to ask for guidance or help.  If I haven’t the answer, we have a whole support team behind us who can help us.  I also attached more information on each of the products, as well can always visit for more info and guidance.


You can reach me at jensen0120 

On Google plus at: 


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