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As an affiliate of BioTrust, I send out email swipes like this to help you the consumer understand the difference between some products that Biotrust offers and others on the Market! We hope you benefit and take advantage of these products!

Collagen is being touted as the greatest supplement to ever hit the market… “it can do wonders for reducing wrinkles, strengthening hair and nails, supporting healthy pain-free joints, reducing cellulite and even boosting metabolism and dropping those unwanted pounds”… BUT

Did you know that most collagen supplements do NOT work AT ALL? I mean literally, next to no benefit… we explain why here:

==> Why Collagen actually DOESN’T work (unless…)

(*I may earn compensation for my review, promotion or mention of any BioTrust Nutrition Products discussed on this website}

Don’t get scammed.

Katharine Jensen

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