Available Products: BioTrust Nutrition

Available Products: Affiliated:  BioTrust Nutrition

Our Products have been scientifically formulated to work with your body to help you get healthy and start to lose weight.  (*I may earn compensation for my review, promotion or mention of any BioTrust Nutrition Products discussed on this website.)

Coming soon, new products!  Will keep you updated!


Our Primary Product Line:  BIOTRUST NUTRITION

LeptiBurn on BT.com

: leptiburn-mbg-large Discover How You Can Gain Control Over The Hormone That
Influences Practically Every Hormone Related To Fat Loss!

Hey,  this is Katharine on behalf of Joel… co-founder of BioTrust Nutrition… and today he is here to talk to you about the single most important fat-burning hormone in your body. Its name is leptin, and it is a critically important hormone that helps control or influence practically every other weight loss hormone in your body… and can impact your ability to burn fat as a whole.1-3

You see, when you have leptin on your side, and pair that with a healthy diet and exercise, it’s like having a secret weapon for fat loss. When you don’t, losing even a single pound is like doing a job without all the best tools available—we worked hard to craft the best tools to help you become your best you.

Other BioTrust Nutrition Products Offered:

Pro-X10 on BT.com

: prox10-mbg-largePromote Bowel Regularity, Improve the Balance of Healthy Bacteria in the Gut, And Support Intestinal Health—All While Accelerating Your Fat Loss with This Little-Known, Simple Trick

Advanced Probiotic and GI Health Formula

Promotes Bowel Regularity & Immune Health
Improves Balance of Healthy Bacteria in the Gut
Improves GI Function in Hours, Not Weeks

Low Carb on BT.com:   BioTrust® Low Carb
Low-Carb Time-Released Protein Blend
Made with Natural Ingredients, Hormone-Free
No Artificial Colors, Sweeteners or Flavors
Time-Released Four-Protein Blend
Only 4g of Net Carbs Per Serving!

AbsorbMax on BT.com

:  absorbmax-1mbgMaximize Nutrient Absorption, Combat Food Intolerances, And
Relieve GI Distress—All While Having Your Cake And Eating It, Too!

Advanced Digestive Enzyme Complex

Supports Optimal Nutrient Breakdown & Absorption
Supports Digestive & Immune Health
Combats Food Intolerances that May Inhibit Fat Loss

BCAA on BT.com:

bcaamatrix-1mbgPreserve Calorie-Burning Lean Muscle As You Rapidly Lose Fat
With The Most Potent Amino Acid Supplement EVER Created

BCAA Matrix™
Premium Muscle-Sparing Amino Acid Blend

Supports Muscle Retention While Dieting
70% L-Leucine to Support Maximum Results
3x Transport System™ for Unmatched Absorption

Protein Bars on BT.com:

proteinbars-bcc-1mbgDiscover How You Can Overcome Your Biggest Fat Loss
Obstacle With Convenient, Organic, High-Protein Nutrition…
All For Less Than The Cost Of A Greasy Cheeseburger!
BioTrust® Organic Protein Bars
Guilt Free, Convenient & Delicious Nutrition

20 Grams of Organic Protein
Certified Organic
Free From Wheat, Soy, Trans Fat and Gluten, Non GMO
14g of Fiber Per Bar

Protein Cookies on BT.com:

proteincookies-or-mbg-topBehold: The Healthiest, Most Delicious
High Protein Cookie EVER Created!

BioTrust® Protein Cookies
Outrageously Delicious & Amazingly Healthy!

12 Grams of Time-Released Protein Per Cookie
Proteins are Certified Hormone & Antibiotic Free
Made with Natural Ingredients
No Artificial Sweeteners or Colors
Free from Gluten, Trans Fat, non-GMO
6g of Fiber Per Cookie

IC-5 on BT.com:

ic5-mbg-largeDON’T Eat Another Carbohydrate Until You
Read Our Short Article Below!

Advanced Insulin Support and Carbohydrate Management

Promotes Increased Insulin Sensitivity
Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels Already Within Normal Range
Partitions Carbs to Muscle

OmegaKrill 5X on BT.com:

omegakrill5x-1mbg Fight Off Toxic, Deadly Inflammation And Preserve Your
Heart Health With The Most Potent, Pure, and Absorbable
Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplement Available Anywhere!

OmegaKrill 5X™
Pure and Potent Fish and Krill Oil Combo

Equivalent to 2,300 mg of DHA/EPA per Day
3x More DHA than Standard Fish Oil
1.5mg Natural Astaxanthin Antioxidant Equivalent per Day
Wild-Harvested, Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil

Metabo379 on BT.com:

metabo379-1mbgDiscover How You Can Ignite Your Fat-Burning Metabolism
and Experience 3.79 Times GREATER Weight Loss With
Brand New, Pure & Potent Metabo379®!*

Non-Stimulant Fat Metabolism Booster

3.79x Increase in Weight Loss*
2.2x Decrease in Waist & Hip Size*
Results Seen in as Little as 2 Weeks*
Potent & Research-Proven


Bio Trust

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