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Wow what an amazing Job, Susan!  Way to go! Goodmorning!! Update!! I am excited to share these new pictures. I want everyone to see the difference in how I looked in May and how I am feeling like a new … Continue reading

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Amazing!  Valentus working to help improving your Health!
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Today, the topic is Sun Allergies!   Many people have them, having to take precautions when out in the sun or just can’t go out in the Sun at all!  Here is an article I found that helps to understand the severity of Sun Allergies!   https://www.drugs.com/health-guide/sun-allergy-photosensitivity.html
 This past weekend, Some reps posted how Valentus products have helped them with their allergies to the Sun:
Valerie:   Hey there.  Happy Saturday!!!  So I’ve read posts how Valentus has helped people in specific areas of their life . Well here’s what happened to me. As I got older something in my body gave up and I’m allergic to the sun. Yep you heard me right. I get welts all over in a very short time and I get so itchy it’s miserable. I have to take an antihistamine in the morning if I think I’m going to be in the sun. Last weekend we went to the pool and in the way over I told Robb I forgot to take my pill. But oh well let’s just go and I’ll bug out when I have to. I was on my raft enjoying the sun waiting to start itching like crazy…..it never happened! We were out there for the afternoon and I didn’t itch once !!!! Don’t know if it’s the Immune Boost or the Spray Max or Slim Roast. I love them all!! Woo hoo.!!
Kathrine:  I am also allergic to the sun & since using my products have been able once again enjoy time outside.
Alison:   I WAS the same way too!! I had been allergic to the sun for the last 8 years and it was bad, I was the only one always wearing long sleeves in the summer!! This is the first year that I did not break out all over my body from being out in the sun! I am out everyday even in the dead of winter because I have horses and other farm animals that I tend to so it wasn’t like I was not in the sun all winter then went out in it in the spring. I was so excited that I was finally rid of the SUN RASH!!!!
We are not saying that Valentus products are the Cure All to all health issues, but we can say, thank you Valentus for making my life livable!!!!
DISCLAIMER: WE DO NOT MAKE MEDICAL CLAIMS; But when you put good Nutrition in your Body, You Body can respond in a Positive way.
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Great update…  Show Valentus is not just for weight loss….  but way of life changing results!

Marcie says….  I would just like to give everyone an update on how my Mom is doing as we have received some tremendous news from her doctor this week & I just had to share!! He says that this is the best health that my Mom has been in for many years & to keep on doing whatever it is that she has been doing, as it is obviously working for her!! She told him about Valentus and he gave her 2 thumbs up to stick with it! She was pleased to hear that she is no longer “Too Skinny”! My Mom has been able to remain off of her anti-depressants & sleeping pills for months now.  Her career has taken off and she has been ranked #1 in sales within her organization, which is something that gives her such a sense of joy & purpose with her life. Before  Valentus, her poor health & lifestyle choices did not allow her to feel capable of working at all. Although the pain from her osteoporosis is still present, it is so much more manageable now & her IBS symptoms no longer surface. Our relationship has grown as their is much less strain on it now & It is such a blessing to see how Mom is able to simply enjoy her life. This has truly been an answer to our prayers & we are so very thankful 💖

As you may or may not have remembered…. Here is why and the original Testimony…

I want to share with you a testimony about my wonderful Mother who is 63 years old.  She has many health issues, battled addiction for many years & is a 4X cancer survivor. I have had her on the SlimRoast Coffee, Prevail Energy & the Immune Boost for 4 months now. She is far too thin & actually needs to gain weight, but I knew the products would help her with all of her many ailments & she has even been able to successfully quit smoking. Remarkably, her migraines have  dramatically been reduced to the odd headache, her IBS has cleared up, her back pain from osteoporosis has improved tremendously, her anxiety & depression have almost completely vanished & she no longer has to take her sleeping pills. She has even put on a healthy 10lbs, which is great for her. The products won’t make you lose weight if you don’t need too. My Mom is a wonderful woman who has suffered much throughout her life. To see her feeling this amazing & to be filled with such hope for her future is the best gift Valentus has given us. #ThankyouDaveandJoyce

Great Job!  you see… Valentus is about improving your way of life!!    PM me for more info!

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Mike G’s 2 Week Results!

Wow!  Great results and in only a couple of weeks!!!

Ok. So I was curious about this product and I started talking to people and I was really impressed with Bill MacFeat and his results so I started talking to him and we had alot.in common with health issues and what not. So he helped me out with the coffee and trim and immune system. And honestly I didn’t do much of the immune part but I did the coffee which is the Brazilian roast one because he didn’t have the Italian roast.  But I just had my last coffee this morning and decided to weigh myself. I started this program at 355lbs and this morning I weighed in at 338. Here is before and after photos. I’m kind of embarrassed I got this big but I’m trying to get back down as it’s hard with a few lower back injuries. Here’s my before and after. Sorry about the last post something happened and didn’t post the 2 only the before photo.

You to can have success!!!  PM me for more details ane we’ll get you started!

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Wow!  Someone is Stoked!  Here’s Lucy after just one day!

So yesterday was my first day! Loved the slim roast & not over fussed on the trim. Now I know I shouldn’t weigh daily because of fluctuations but I was interested to see if the scales had moved at all this morning.

Now tell me if I’m wrong but this is just madness! 24 hours difference! -3.5lb!

I don’t care how much I don’t like the taste of the trim, it’s getting drunk everyday for these results!


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Way to go, Dennis!  Great Job!

Dennis started eating healthier on 2/26/17 after a meeting with a neurosurgeon.  He was already losing weight before we found out about Slim Roast and got some from Dennis Blackman probably two weeks later..  I figured it wouldn’t work but it was a lot cheaper than the last “weight loss” stuff he tried so what the heck.  Within two days, Dennis said it was easier to fight the cravings and he had more energy.   He bought some more Slim Roast and the weight has melted off, with only a couple of weeks last month where he seemed to hit a roadblock he could not get past.  I hear that happens to a lot of people who need to lose a lot of weight.  Here is the proof of what Slim Roast and healthier eating can do!!  307 in February, 247 in May! We didn’t do all the measuring but he is down from 42 waist to 36, and down from 3X and 4X shirts to 1X and 2X!   Goal is to reach 200, and for the first time in twenty four years, I know he can make it!

Here is the product info website…check them out  


When you have had enough, go here to order


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This is me… with 10 lbs gone one Valentus!  PM me for more details!   Checkout our products at www.valentusproducts.com

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So thought it is time for my Update, although not much to share!  I have been drinking the Valentus Slim Roast Coffee, since October 2016.  My goal is to lose anywheres up to 70 lbs.  

Since I’ve been on Valentus Slim Roast, I have not lost too much in weight, but have noticed that the body fat is diminishing!  I haven’t measured this month yet, until today- another 3 inches gone, as last month, I lost 10 inches.  It’s slow going but every little less weight or inches, helps!  I did weigh myself today,  and very happy to say 10 lbs gone!  My weight has been going up and down until this past 2 months, in which am seeing a difference!

I have fibromyalgia, High blood pressure and was finding it hard to cope.  I tried other weight loss products, but would not work the way I wanted them to.

Then I saw some posts about slim roast!… I looked into it.  I love coffee and i thought what better way to lose weight!  And knowing i could make money too!  I am finding that the slim roast is also helping with my fibromyalgia, and helping to cope with my high blood pressure as well!  I also changed my way of eating, now Clean Eating, and lchf!   With 1 cup (sometimes 2 if feeling hungrier in pm,  clean eating, and no junk goods!  Always try to eat healthy snacks!

So as you see, Valentus does work!  Some slower than others But it works!


What an inspiring story by Susan!

Time for me to share my story. I started the Valentus products the 6 th of Feb in order to lose weight! After about three weeks I started feeling my life change. I have suffered most of my life from severe fibromyalgia, and if you suffer from that you know that it is a thief. It steals your life from you! In my third week I started feeling more energy than I have ever had, very little pain, and the depression and fogginess that goes with it started to disappear. By week four I was bouncing off the walls. I am hooked! I told my mom that I didn’t care if I had to sell my furniture to afford the stuff I would never quit taking it! Thankfully my furniture is safe because of the awesome compensation plan offered by the company my very first month I was able to earn enough to pay for my next months product. By the end of my third month I was down 22 lbs and 23 inches, four of which came off my waist! Still have a ways to go to reach my goal but I know it’s possible with the Prevail products! I believe that this is a company that is blessed and their products are an answer to my prayers! Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me back my life!

Like Susan, and myself, many suffer from fibromyalgia!  And it is a great relief to know Valentus helps to manage many of the symtoms!  Even though Valentus was originally made for weight loss, it’s value is so much more!  PM me for more details or check out the Valentus products here…  www.valentusproducts.com

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Wow!  Amazing how Slim Roast and Trim help so many!

Lorraine says:

Having had stroke and only able to exercise with a trainer 1/2 hour a week, Slim Roast has “sculpted” my face so all puffiness and excess fat are gone at a time when I need to build self-esteem. I credit my trainer, TRIM and Slim Roast Coffee. They are “SELF WORTH SAVERS” TO ME!

PM me for more details!


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Way to go, Christy!

Well done Christy!


So….Here ya have it!  Here are a couple of pics to show the difference the Slim Roast coffee has made for me (yes the pic on the right isn’t even the most recent but best comparison I can find and this was even before I decided to become a distributor).

In swimsuits!

I even took a couple of me in a bathing suit just last week, and I haven’t felt comfortable enough to do that IN YEARS!!!  😬

I started out at 170lbs (that pic was last year May 2016) and today I weigh 138lbs (that pic was in December 2016) and I have a few more to go. 
Just drinking Slim Roast, no changes to my diet (but I will add that I don’t eat poorly, I am an “under eater” meaning I do not eat often enough and I gain weight/store fat for that reason).  No exercise yet either.  Just drinking 1 to 2 cups of Slim Roast a day.  😁


PM me for more details!