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Healthy Vacation Tips to help on Vacation!

Vacation Tips

Staying slim on VacationDon’t undo all of your hard work of losing weight and getting fit for summer! By eating correctly and engaging in certain activities, you can remain confident in yourself and keep your body in check all year long. I’ll be sharing these tips on my wall/ blog for the next few weeks as many of you get ready to embark on your vacations. Please feel free to ask me any questions or save my posts so you can re-read them at your hotel, cabin, or resort!
As this Campaign has already started on my Facebook page, I am resharing the first 3 Tips here today!   Then as the tips are shared on facebook, I will then share them with you here!
Vacation Tip -1
VACATION TIP #1: Stock the kitchen!
Take advantage of booking a room with a kitchenette and cook your own meals. You’ll save a ton of money by stocking up meals from the local grocery store which is likely to sell local favorites to the area while listing their nutritional facts. Also, take note of what appliances are stocked as blenders are great ways to make delicious smoothies that will likely cost you three times as much if you were to buy them instead.
Vacation Tip -2
VACATION TIP #2: Enjoy the grub!
It’s ok to splurge a little on local fare you can’t get elsewhere. Don’t go too overboard, but don’t depress yourself, either. Go ahead and enjoy the world’s best ice cream, just make sure it’s a single scoop and eat consciously for other meals.
vacation Tip -3
VACATION TIP #3: Pack it up!
Feel free to brown-bag your favorite fruits, protein bars and other healthy snacks so you’re not stuck with unhealthy meal options which plague most tourist destinations.
Look forward to the next post on September 13 or 14!    Stay Healthy, Fit and Enjoy Life!
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 (Originally reported CBC Journal: December 2015)

A new study by Swedish researchers finds it’s not possible to be “fat and fit.” Instead they are suggesting those who are obese but exercise regularly are likely to die before those who are slim and unfit. The study of 1.3 million men looked at their aerobic fitness levels at age 18 and tracked the men for 30 years. The researchers found that obese men with high levels of aerobic fitness were 30 per cent more likely to die prematurely, compared to those who were skinny but unfit. CBC’s medical columnist Dr. Peter Lin says even though physical activity is important, it cannot get rid of all the risks associated with obesity. “Bottom line is we cannot say that fat is the thing that kills you,” he said. “Patients that are overweight, they tend to have higher blood pressure, they tend to have higher cholesterol, they have higher sugars so more diabetes. So all of those things can contribute to having problems,” he said.

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Breakthrough Detox

Italian coffee Brand

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Can you imagine having access to a product that works to oxygenate, hydrate, improve nutrient uptake and toxin release in the blood, and improves blood flow(plus much more)? Up until 6 days ago this product DID NOT exist on the market! Introducing Prevail Max, an exclusive product you can only get with Valentus.
.facebook_1491207615689At the microscopic level of human cells, PrevailMAX enhances nutrient absorption and supports healthy cell performance – a nutritional breakthrough for your cells.

PrevailMAX is a  nutritional breakthrough that delivers a rapid increase of internal blood cell pressure to speed absorption, enabling the body to take maximum advantage of the nutrients in foods and supplements. The nano- sized electrolytes are small enough to penetrate your cell membranes, to bind with your cells, and to be carried wherever they are needed in the body.

When you use PrevailMAX, you will feel more energy and an ability to focus like never before.Take a few sprays today and see just how good you can feel!

Prevail Breakthrough AM/PM (Available April 25th)

–Want the coffee to work even better? Prevail Breakthrough due out by months end- here’s the details–

The AM Prevail BREAKTHROUGH formula contains ProDura® Bacillus coagulans, a spore-forming probiotic bacterium that is superior to non- spore probiotics. It will help lower cholesterol and lactose intolerance while raising HDL levels and lipid status.

The PM Prevail BREAKTHROUGH is a wholefood, powerful nutrient drink designed to detoxify. It has traditionally been used in herbal medicine as a diuretic and laxative to help treat digestive disturbances. This formula may help the body combat an overgrown Candida yeast infection, increase nutrient absorption and increase overall metabolism.

A quarterly regimen (every 90 days) is designed for ease of use, and only 12 days are needed to provide the optimal environment for digestion and detoxification. Start drinking! Your body will thank you.

We are growing and expanding quickly as a company.
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It’s time to take Your Life To To The Max. product info here: Contact for more details.
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Looking for 5 ppl
Did you know that coffee is the 2nd most traded in world? Did you also know that 80% of the world drink coffee and approx 60% of the world are overweight? Did you know that coffee is the 2nd most consumed beverage behind water?
 *What’s more exciting…we have not only the Number 1 Healthiest and Weight Loss Coffee on the Planet SlimRoast (Make it 2 Now…Italian and Brazilian).
*We also have an amazing line up of functional Prevail Products that help with Energy, Weight Management, Cleansing and Detoxing and overall Vibrant Health…all by Adding Water…Hot or Cold and very Affordable, Convenient and On the Go!
*We have an amazing Product that brings Optimal Health to our Blood…their is Life in the Blood!
*The List goes on and on…but even more exciting is that we can share this with others and help them not only in improving their health, getting weight loss and performance results…but better yet it pays to share and offer time freedom doing something that we love doing!
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Frustrating right!?! With Valentus Beverages you will stay on track no worries!!

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Starting out with Valentus!

As You are Starting Your First 24 Day Coffee Experience,
It is important to Rid your Body of SUGAR if You want “EXTREME” Results from Your Weight Loss Coffee.

Too much sugar is a bad thing — but figuring out how much you’re consuming is more of a challenge than it should be. That’s because food labels show the total amount of sugar in a product, when you really need to be looking out for the added, or “free” sugar in foods.

sugar-did-you-knowsugar-did-you-know   There’s a big difference between total sugar and free sugar. “Free” sugar means sugar that’s removed from its naturally occurring source (whole fruits, vegetables, dairy and some grains). So it’s free to be consumed in large quantities or added into foods that wouldn’t necessarily have any, like tomato sauce or salad dressing. Unfortunately, it’s also free of the good stuff too, like vitamins, minerals and fibre (which slows down absorption and reduces spikes in blood sugar). As a result, eating too much free sugar has been linked with obesity, diabetes, dental cavities, and cardiovascular disease.

 15542185_10208109896208474_3975501724192046763_nMost importantly of all, be sure to drink lots of water!   The normal is to drink at least 8-10 glasses a day!   Some will say to drink half your body weight, in water or fluids!  Add some flavour to your water!   Whether fruit, mint, lemons or limes you add, drink your water and cut out the Sugar!

Testimonies~ “I started the NJF with my SlimRoast Coffee, I was Shocked when I lost 20# my first 30 Days” Ron S

“My Weight Loss Coffee & NO JUNK FOOD Guide, Has changed my Life, I’ve Lost 38# in 60 days, & I feel INCREDIBLE” Tracy
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Coconut in coffee

coffee-and-coconutReplacing processed coffee creamers with organic coconut oil is a smart move. Although it may sound strange, the result is actually quite delicious and highly nutritious. The combination of caffeine and saturated fat gives the body a lasting energy boost.
Prepare a tropical twisted coffee drink by brewing a high-quality organic cup of coffee and place it in a blender. Add in one tablespoon of organic coconut oil, blend and enjoy.
The resulting coffee drink is frothy and rich, with a wonderfully smooth taste that is very satisfying. If you like your coffee sweetened, add one teaspoon of coconut crystals.
Add coconut oil to your coffee for a great way to supercharge. Give your body a burst of energy to make it through the day, not to mention all of the other amazing health benefits of coconut!

I use my new frothier to mix up my coconut oil with my slimroast.
HINT: Add Slimroast and a little water and coconut oil, froth and then add rest of water!
Yum! I love drinking my Slimroast this way!


Have anxiety, stress, and have a difficult time losing weight? Yet another natural ingredient found in the new Slim Roast formula is L-Theanine and Green Tea Extract.

L-Theanine is an amino acid found in green tea, and is probably the reason why drinking green tea helps in weight loss. Studies have found that weight gain is prevalent in people who are emotionally stressed. This is a biological response of our metabolism and leads to cravings and over-consumption of food. When stressed, we produce increasing amounts of a hormone called cortisol. This is a natural response that is intended to help in survival, which as a consequence also leads to increased fat storage. Theanine neutralizes stress, by reducing anxiety and improving the quality of sleep. It does this by increasing the alpha waves in your brain, which relaxes the mind.
With these problems removed now your body:

Won’t store all the fat you eat

Won’t resist weight loss

Won’t give you increased feelings of hunger
Message Me for a 1 or 2 week trial to see for yourself what this magical brew can do for you!

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