Well haven’t shared a testimony in a while and thought it was about time to do so! And what better one than this one here…

Veal life experiences like this!

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Testimonials- Happy Customer!


Wow! Another happy customer!Wow! Another happy customer!Wow! Another happy customer!

I’m loving the new me!

And I’m sharing with all of you my methods to get all those things!

What a difference that just one drink of our magical coffee or juice a day can make! I just joined on the 24th of November with just one cup of coffee a day until 6th of December. And on 7th,December I started my 12in24plan until today. I totally lost 4kg. I had quite a lot of weight due to my thyroid having issues. My target was to lose weight and feel young again! In just 3 weeks I lost many inches! This will definitely boost my health and my figure!

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Way to Go, Joe!!!

Wow!   Soon will be this Guy’s Anniversary with Valentus!    Way to Go, Joe!!! For more info, PLZ Msg me and will get you started!
Joe2Started November 17 2016 at 260 lbs as Jan 24 2017 down 51 lbs. I’m a 6 foot man and I’m really liking how things are going. I’ve changed so much, eating better exercising again. I have a goal of 200 lbs and 10 percent body fat. Let me tell you guys your wife will appreciate your efforts. I have a make a edit to my post. I don’t want people to think I did this weight loss program so people in my life would like me more and think I look better. The best thing we all need to do is to do it for your self and how you want to feel about your self love your self first. It all starts with what you want.
Did it by going on 12/24 and eating very good and exercise everyday. Cardio and weights.
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What a difference a few months has made.😮

The top left picture was in February, 2017. The bottom left and right picture is me now!  I am down to 133 lbs. I have lost 14 lbs so far and countless inches! I started by doing the #12in24plan and then I did the #WLAP and saw a very noticeably difference.
Now, all I am doing is the Prevail MAX, in which I totally LOVE, and Italian SlimRoast. Not only do I look better and feel way more confident, I feel healthy & amazing! 
I have not changed anything. No specific diet (unless I was taking Breakthrough) nor exercise.  Just drink and spray!  That’s it!!!  I love this stuff!!!💕

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Amber’s Story

☆☆☆ 《《FRIDAY SUCCESS》》 ☆☆☆

From Amber-I wasn’t going to share this outside of my closed group “Amber’s Skinny Java” but I am with this company because I want to help others. I am a product of the products. And if it takes me putting myself out there to help and share then here goes!Plus I’m proud of what my products have done for me! No it’s NOT a “diet” it’s a lifestyle! Big difference when you actually want to change for good. And not just wanting a quick fix. That’s not what health is about!❤☕️

I know I’ve shared my story before. But I feel the need to share again. In a short time I went from a comfortable 125-130lbs to 155-160. For a 5’3″ woman that was a lot! Along with the weight gain I developed debilitating joint and body pain, occasional migraines and severe allergies. I had no energy. No drive. I had no care. I felt myself slowly sinking into a depression. Always criticizing myself. Felt worthless at work. Which made me really not care to be there. Felt worthless at home. And just not really feeling like I was pulling my own weight. Well a friend introduced me to slimroast coffee. “Drink coffee and lose weight??” Honestly I thought it was just another weight loss fad. But I had tried everything else so why not. I didn’t really lose much weight really at first. But felt some energy and less pain. So I bought into the business opportunity. Then I added the trim and immune. Not even being consistent. January of 2017 came around and a fitness challenge was offered by some business partners. I decided to go for it. It was a 24 day challenge and we incorporated the 12in24 plan which includes slimroast trim and immune. I was determined to be consistent!! In that 24 days I lost 8lbs and 4 inches off my abdomen! I honestly didn’t believe it until I saw my before and after pictures.. All together I’ve lost 21 lbs and at least 5 inches from my abdomen. But most importantly i feel amazing.

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LOOK AT KIRA!!!! Here’s her update…So. I literally posted earlier this month for the first time in this group. Saying verbally what it has done for me. Now here are the pictures!

I am literally just starting my 2nd week of my 2nd round of #12in24 and have done 2 rounds of the breaking cleanse (12 days on, 12 days off). There were days that I might of had a prevail energy or a second slimroast, and sometimes have the prevail max but the only consistent thing was the #12in24

* I am a preferred customer, I did not diet, I did not exercise, I only drank maximum 8 glasses of water a day, including the water added to the beverages. In fact just this week I have been trying to drink “half of our weight in ounces of water” and even then I’m not consistent*

It’s funny how so impatient I have been! I mean it’s just been over a month so I have to say for just over a month! My results are amazing! For me, they are amazing!

If there is anything I can recommend to the ladies taking this or trying this is do not weigh or take pictures or take inches during 2 weeks of the month you know to be the most bloated. I always want to throw in the towel than because I think the products are not working!

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Yet Another Remarkable Story!!

Absolutely Amazing!💜☕
Sharing Joe’s success with our awesome Functional Weightloss beverages! 12 in 24 Plan, If you are ready to reclaim your health, send me a message and I can help you get started!

Started November 17 2016 at 260 lbs as Jan 24 2017 down 51 lbs. I’m a 6 foot man and I’m really liking how things are going. I’ve changed so much, eating better exercising again. I have a goal of 200 lbs and 10 percent body fat. Let me tell you guys your wife will appreciate your efforts.

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Valerie’s success with 12in24!

Valerie is Singing Praises about Valentus!!! 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

My weight loss journey. Thanks, Valentus!!! 💚💛💜💙☕

First pic is 2014. I was singing in Puerto Rico and had no idea I was fat until I saw this video (this is a still from that video). I was astonished to find I weighed 174 pounds. I went on paleo diet, lost weight, put it back on, yo-yo style. Then July 2016—I discovered Valentus and in 3 months I was down to 140 using SlimRoast, Trim, and Immune Boost and wore my dream wedding dress by October 2016. Then in April 2017 I finally got Breakthrough and lost 3 more pounds and inches in the waist. I never would have dreamed I could wear a dress like the magenta one above. Very, very grateful. I had lost weight before, like I said, but had never KEPT it off. This is a dream come true.

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Angela is Singing/Crying Praises!


Angela is Singing / Crying her praises that she is a changed Woman!  And she did it all on the 12in24 Plan!

It’s been hard for me to post these, but I want to be raw & real with you all. L**Edit 👀k AT THE DIFFERENCE IN MY SHOULDERS AND ARMS  Edit ‼️A friend texted me and said BE PROUD! Valentus is changing my family’s life and health!! I thought about posting a video but I know I wouldnt be able to hold it together without crying because of how it’s tremendously helped my husband and my daughter’s. Altogether, we’ve lost over 35 pounds in THREE weeks!!!My husband’s sugars are stabalizing… but I want to let them share their story when they are ready. Here is my story…I had a hysterectomy when I was 31. I’ve had hot flashes and weight gain in the weirdest places from menoPAUSE. My metabolism has plummitted since my surgery. Ive felt like Ive been in sloth mode for 5 years. I embraced 40 this year, but it didn’t want to embrace me…lol 
I got sick from a chemical bomb for 3 months just after my bday. I gained almost 20 pounds! These pics show a three week difference with the 12in24 plan. YOU CAN SEE MAJOR difference in my shoulders and arms…I know…weird place to gain weight! I measured EVERYTHING b4 I started this. I’m thankful to say I’m down 13 pounds and a total of 8 inches! I wish I could pat myself on the back saying I’ve changed my diet and exercise BUT life gets busy! This has motivated my family to start making some changes…BUT these results are from product ONLY! My hot flashes are gone. My migraines are gone. My metabolism is on FIREEEEE. Yay! I only get fired up about 2 things..Jesus..friends & family..but NOW I’ve added Valentus to my list. Its changing lives! I have many who are on the trial packs and sending me their testimonies. This is a vehicle of CHANGE and Im so thankful for it! I’ve seen my family and friends struggle with weight and with their overall health. I love to help people with their struggles. ..I love loving people..and so I am sharing this with friends…because Valentus is changing our lives and I want you to have the same opportunity as my sweet friend Mary gave to us. We were praying and God sent us a friend with this amazing product. Thank you Mary R. Staudt for thinking of us! 

GOD bless you my friends! ♡

Your Journey awaits!  Choice your  coffee, the 12in24 or go big with the Accelerate Pack!  PM me for more info!

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Way to go!  Awesome results!

Anthony says,
“Started in April 28th 2016 drinking SlimROAST, Trim and Immune Boost. I’m down over 40 pounds as of today. When you lose weight things change. As a result, I don’t need my high blood pressure and cholesterol meds anymore. Feeling great!”

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