(Originally reported CBC Journal: December 2015)

A new study by Swedish researchers finds it’s not possible to be “fat and fit.” Instead they are suggesting those who are obese but exercise regularly are likely to die before those who are slim and unfit. The study of 1.3 million men looked at their aerobic fitness levels at age 18 and tracked the men for 30 years. The researchers found that obese men with high levels of aerobic fitness were 30 per cent more likely to die prematurely, compared to those who were skinny but unfit. CBC’s medical columnist Dr. Peter Lin says even though physical activity is important, it cannot get rid of all the risks associated with obesity. “Bottom line is we cannot say that fat is the thing that kills you,” he said. “Patients that are overweight, they tend to have higher blood pressure, they tend to have higher cholesterol, they have higher sugars so more diabetes. So all of those things can contribute to having problems,” he said.

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Network Marketing
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Tremendous Thursday Reviews presents:  Carolyn Campbell!

carolyns-progress-with-12in24-jpgSo here are my results from starting Valentus the 12 an 24 plan I am forever grateful to my cousin Deirdra for introducing me to this program I started in end of June 2016 I tried every possible diet there was right to the hcg diet which was basically starving yourself n nothing worked when I saw my cousin posting pics n sharing her results n story I was intrigued I talked to her about it and was so excited to try I’m so happy I made the choice to do it I am down 30 lbs and 11 inches around my waist n 12 inches around my stomach n same w my chest another 12 inches I am so amazed I struggled for so long and to have these results oh my goodness it also helped with my anemia I was severely anemic and I did a iron iv drip and Tht only helped half to where I was suppose to be at once I started this I went back to dr to check on it and the dr was amazed said I no longer am anemic right then I knew it was from the products that I am taking she was so surprised and asked what I was doing because I suffered fr years with anemia I told her the only products I’m taking is Valentus 12 n 24 plan where there’s three products I take she said wow keep it up you are doing Amazing with your weight loss and anemia I am very happy but I still hv a long ways to go I can’t wait to reach my goal 💕❤️😄😃😊💕



It’s always great news, to hear from our fellow associates and their Preferred Customers when they are getting results or being successful with Valentus Products! Even more proud, when that individual works as hard as they do to succeed and Win with Losing!

This is from an Associate who is very proud of her customer and friend! Way to Go!

I have spent a few hours with this lovely lady and I am so excited to see such positive changes in Brenda! She is so passionate about helping others find what we have found to help ourselves be a healthier version of ourselves. Here is here updated story! Consume and Share your story and help many!

brenda-b4-n-afterHere is what Brenda has to say today…

I just thought it was time for another before and after picture!! This picture is my best Christmas Present I have ever received as I feel fantastic. Since May 6th 2016 until November 21st I have lost 19 lbs. and 45 inches!! I have had irritable bowl syndrome for 17 years and since I started Valentus I have not had one flair up which is a miracle in itself!! My sinus headaches are gone and I was on anti depressants for 7 years and last week my doctor has taken me of them. Valentus is truly a gift it has made my life healthier , happier and I look better!!

lose-wirh-12n24-jpgLosing weight with 1 or 2 cups of Valentus Slim Roast or one of the other products; Trim, Energy or Immune can help you to lose weight. But the best way to lose weight with Vanlentus is the 12in24 LifeStyle Plan! Simply put, by drinking either 1 slimroast or Trim in the morning, 1 Energy, Slimroast or Trim 30 to 45 mins before dinner and 1 Immune before bed, will help you to be on your way to loss and obtain your healthy weight goal! With the 12in24 Lifestyle, you can lose either 12 lbs or 12 inches in 24 days!

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