Hey everyone! Just forwarding an important update from my Associate Company am an IR with!

Tonight is a VERY exciting night for all of our Valentus Members and Pre Enrollees, including YOU and myself, Katharine. Like every Thursday, it marks our newest CUT OFF DAY.

What does that mean?

Every Thursday of every week at MIDNIGHT pacific time, our system looks to see all the preenrollees who have locked in their position by placing their product order to become members. Those people are then automatically moved to the TOP of the powerline that they are in ABOVE all the people who did not take action.

That means, its critical that you let your preenrollees know what they stand to lose by not taking action TODAY.

As soon as even one person in your powerline upgrades to member through the system, ALL of the people above that person in the powerline are notified to let them know that they MUST lock in their position in order to get paid on the person(s) below them, otherwise that person who upgraded is going to move above them and they will lose out on them forever.


9:00 PM Eastern

Dial 1-530-881-1212 pin code 745-112-327#

Our system is designed to do everything it can to help YOU succeed. In fact, the Valentus system sends TWO emails to ALL of your preenrollees today to invite them to listen to our RECORDED OVERVIEW CALL. BUT, it is still VERY IMPORTANT that you CALL THEM personally and invite them as well.

Be sure to follow up with your Pre-enrollees so they don’t miss out.

Please feel free to private message me for info or go to

Also be sure to sign up to get updates on Business Building, Health and Wellness Support and more!

Hope will see you there! FYI, Peggy usually does the Facebook live, so you can catch it there! Cheers!



Katharine Jensen (KJensifyme Healthy)

Katharine Jensen (KJensifyme Healthy)


Wow! Valentus and CEO Dave, You’ve done it again!

FROM our Diamond Rick Jerrells:

Headlines read: “VALENTUS HITS THE 5 MILLION a month mark”


I’m more excited than the previous two times I’ve been excited combined here at Valentus. I am about to go on a recruiting spree and I can’t share details!!!

Just got off phone with DAVE, CEO.

If people are not knowing what has been happening. Certain things needed to occur before a IN HOUSE shipping and customer service could HAPPEN.

The situation is changed so that is ALREADY HAPPENING!

But that’s not why I got all excited while on the phone with DAVE!


AreYouReadyToEXPLODEYourValentusBusiness_LandingPageDesktopBannerI want you to imagine ADDITIONAL bonuses and PAY while nothing is taken away from the existing compensation plan!

And imagine a product all by itself that will give you energy, and STOP YOUR APPETITE!!

I got chills on my arms twice during our conversation. I also spoke to someone who could clarify HOW this new product is gonna work that you drink.

Increases the Metabolism and starts the hormone production that will act as a neuro-stimulation that is telling the Brain, “I DO NOT WANT ANY CARBS”

People are gonna get RICH HERE in the next 1-4 years!!

Everybody is gonna be helped to get to Diamond and Double and Triple Diamonds in such a short time!


PS Sample program is coming in house so that samples are mailed out the SAME DAY and not a week later with the company we were using for this.

Now is the Time to Join! Sign up here…

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Everybody Needs to Hear this!  via Jay Shetty!

Jay has created some very inspiring videos on family, relationships and life in general!   Today I am going to share with you 2 of his videos are I feel can be closely related to each other, and yet, still have separately profound messages!  Enjoy them and learn from them!  Thanks!

Make time for your family!  Live and work for Life not for Work! ❤

To may your relationships work, you need to make time for them!   Don’t work your life away, Work for your future by giving time for others!   How you can do that is is set your goals, make time for others through Time Management!  Jay Shetty could not have explained it better!

Before You Take Someone for Granted – via Jay Shetty!

Don’t feel you have to work so hard that you have no time for others, your family and friends!   Learn to manage your time!  Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

This is why I chose to work from Home!  I set my goals:  Helping others, working for the future, all the while, being able to spend time with my loved ones!

Healthy lifestyles do not necessarily mean you have to spend every waking minute working for the future!   Healthy lifestyles provides freedom to enjoy life!

Join my Facebook Classes and learn how!   I have a few different topics lined up and hope will be enjoyed by all!

Sign up today for my newsletter and see for yourself on how to build your business from home!

Either you or a friend needing some help?  Refer a friend!Refer a friend!



Orange is the New Black Friday!

***Best offer EVER from SYNDUIT (act quickly)***

Friday_LandingPageBannerHey Everyone!

I just sent this out via email, but I wanted to make sure you did not miss it!

I just heard the most amazing news about SYNDUIT and I want to make sure you do not miss this…

Visit this page ASAP –

Rules of this crazy and over-the-top special…

1 – You will get all of the bonuses below if you join SYNDUIT between November 20-27th

2 – You will get all of the bonuses below if you get a friend to join SYNDUIT between November 20th-27th

3 – You will get all of the bonuses below if you reactivate your SYNDUIT account between November 20th-27th

BONUS 1: 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee (ONLY FOR NEW MEMBERS)

This is your chance to give SYNDUIT a shot with zero risk. Pay for the first month, setup your account, rock a few campaigns, and when you love it – CONTINUE! If you do not think SYNDUIT is right for you, make sure to cancel within 30 days for a full refund.

BONUS 2: Two-Hour Catalyst MasterClass (A $97 value)

During this two-hour course, you will gain access to the 27 core philosophies that we have acquired as a result of working with over 25,000 Changemaker Entrepreneurs. This is the highest ranked course we have ever delivered!

BONUS 3: Seven Week Marketing Bootcamp (A $500 value)

Learn the fundamentals of marketing for busy entrepreneurs during this 7-hour video-on-demand MasterClass.

Video 1 – Establish Yourself as a Communication Master

Video 2 – Build a Magnetic Marketing Plan

Video 3 – Create a Network of Power Partners

Video 4 – Leverage Social Media the RIGHT Way

Video 5 – Become a Ninja with Live Events and Webinars

Video 6 – Follow-up Like a ROCKstar

Video 7 – Explode Your Business With this Simple Secret

BONUS 4: #GoDeep Facebook Community MasterClass (A $290 value)

Friday_Open1Far too many Changemaker Entrepreneurs are trying their absolute hardest to create momentum on Facebook, but the results associated with their efforts are less than desirable. #GoDeep is an entirely new way to look at your Facebook efforts and the primary focus is to build a like-minded tribe which allows your group to expand organically.

BONUS 5: The EDGE MasterClass (A $995 value)

A passion project turned into a prolific MasterClass – Jared Yellin interviews his mentors and friends on a topic that everyone will benefit from…”What gives you the EDGE?” This course will become the most popular program that SYNDUIT has ever offered based on the lineup of speakers alone. (Coming December 2017!)

BONUS 6: Texting Bootcamp For Changemakers (A $397 value)

SYNTEXT is coming very very soon, but do you know the fundamentals of text message marketing? This MasterClass is going to blow your mind as it lays a foundation of the do’s and don’ts of SMS marketing along with some key strategies so that text REALLY works for your business. (Coming December 2017!)

BONUS 7: One-on-One Private Coaching Session With Jared Yellin (Priceless – Annual Only)

If you commit (or upgrade) to the annual plan, you will get a one-on-one 15 minute coaching session with Jared Yellin where you can ask him ANYTHING you want! (Jared does not offer this type of service so the fact that he is making himself accessible is absolutely insane and it will blow your mind once you have the chance to connect with Jared in this setting.)

Let me know what you decide to do – this is such a great opportunity! (P.S. If you do decide to sign up, be sure to mention my name!)

To Join my Team, simply register here

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Team / Business Builders Email Setup!

Hey you have may or may not have seen my posts for Building a business with Valentus!
Well I have sent up a new email series sent to go out to all prospects interested or who are currently in my email list!
These emailers will give you a chance to see how you and Valentus can become an AWESOME Partnership!
For more information and to sign up for emails, go to
Sign up today so you don’t MISS a Thing!!!
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Here are 5 reasons you’re a network marketer and don’t even know it……YET! 😉
1. You shared the Coke bottle with your name on it that caused everyone to go buy a Coke with their name on it.
2. You posted a picture of a delicious meal from a restaurant that caused all of your friends to go there to try it for themselves.
3. You shared the latest book that you read that caused all of your friends to download it or rush to the book shop.
4. You went to see a movie and loved it so much you shared it with your friends and that caused them to take their entire family to see it.
5. You received a great deal at a local shop … an awesome discount. You couldn’t wait to share it with your friends so they too could take advantage of the savings.
Only difference is …
You didn’t get paid for your referral‼️
✅Coca Cola did!
✅The restaurant did!
✅The book shop did!
✅The cinema did!
✅The local store did!
Control your Destiny
Been thinking about working from home? 🤔 Or just earning additional income. Message me for information on how!! 📲
Take the free tour here:


Let me introduce you to the Coffee ☕ that meets Weightloss!
Starbucks meets Jenny Craig!  ☕☕☕
You just add Water!
So Super Easy!
Just point, click and share with your friends!
Dont let yourself offI LOVE THIS!!! Seriously guys…you know for a fact that you didn’t gain it overnight and there is NOTHING that takes it away over night 🤣🤣
I’ve dropped 15 pounds since getting consistent and staying dedicated using my Valentus products ☕☕
Since I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 4 years ago, all I was allowed to do is walk…I try to walk at least 20 to 30 minutes a day!   I eat healthy for the most part, but if want something that isn’t healthy, I have a bite or two and I’m completely satisfied! Was it always that way…HELL NO!!! My favorite activity used to be sitting in front of the TV drinking Pepsi and eating a full bag of Doritos!!! You absolutely have to commit to a lifestyle change…PERIOD!! It takes a while for everything to fall into place and habits to form, but if you fall off the wagon… DO NOT GIVE UP…YOU DID NOT FAIL!! Jump right back in and as you continue, you will have longer and longer gaps where you DON’T give in and it will get easier and easier  I started my lifestyle change about 4 years ago, so adding the coffee just gave me the extra edge I needed for the weight to start falling off. Adding an exercise plan helps with Big Wins!   As it is not always easy for me to get to the Gym, I try to work out here at home!  With walking, dance or other forms of exercise, you can be on your way to the Healthier You!
tell her shes enough
I just want each and every one of you to know that I am here and if you are on this journey, you can call me..even if you just need some motivation or encouragement! No lie…it was easier and quicker to get the weight on than it is to get it off, but man it is SO WORTH IT when you can put on jeans you NEVER thought you could wear and you start feeling comfortable in your own skin ♥ If you are ready to give the coffee a try, hit me up!  It’s Simple!  It’s Easy!  Just add Water!  You can order from my website! Grab a friend or spouse to do it with you and save even more!
If wishing to become a rep like me…  Take the free tour here…
If you don’t, a year from now, you’ll wish you had!  🤜🤜  💪💪💪
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Currently there are 70-80 thousand buying product monthly. And of that maybe 5% are building a business say 4 thousand. Out of that one already makes one million a year, several near that and 160 are earning between $60 thousand to over $200 thousands. The rest are getting paid nearly weekly. Now think what it will be when there is 160 thousand users, or 360 thousand users and those are STILL very small numbers for a Global company.
The Company is less then 3 years old
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Join the Valentus Team

Did you know that to join and be a Preferred Customer that it is FREE!
And for just $20 more you can become an independent representative, you get 7 FREE websites to share with friends and family.
Did you know that as a Preferred Customer you can receive your product for FREE!!!
Valentus Preferred Customer Loyalty Reward Program
2017-02-1-14-19-22Preferred customers purchase at wholesale $59.95 (USD) per box on a Monthly Loyalty
Purchase. If they refer TWO Preferred Customers who set up and purchase their own Monthly
Loyalty Purchase (product value equal to or greater than their own auto-delivery option), then
the referring Preferred Customer’s next month’s scheduled auto-delivery Loyalty Purchase will
be FREE (not including shipping costs and any applicable sales taxes charged to the Preferred
If you want to know how you can receive your products for FREE or earn extra $$ income by sharing!
Enjoy the Valentus movie here:
Sea to Shining Sea

Maryrose and Jerry’s cross-country road trip adventures.

Audrey's Apron

Mostly healthy eats and a few sweet treats.


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