Ladies: Forget Mascara, Try This Homemade Lash-Lengthening Serum

I found this tip from the real alternative daily, and wanted to share with all on you. (Reblogged)

(Source: the real alternative

The older I get, it seems the shorter my eyelashes become. I have paid a lot to have my lashes woven. In case you are not sure what that is, that means lashes are individually glued onto each lash. This can get uncomfortable due to your lashes twisting. And sometimes, I’ll have a lash upside down that can get into my eye. They also tend to get very itchy, and you’re not supposed to rub your eyes. It’s a lot of work!

I was so happy to find a good and natural eyelash serum recipe that can help my lashes grow naturally. This is a very easy recipe and one that anyone can whip up in a matter of minutes. Castor oil is known for helping hair to grow. The almond oil and vitamin E oil help to moisturize the hair. If you want your eyelashes to grow, they’ll need to be nourished. This eyelash serum recipe will do just that.

Eyelash Serum Ingredients
3 tsp castor oil
1 tsp almond oil
10 caps vitamin E oil

Empty mascara tube (can be bought on

1. Gather eyelash serum ingredients and the mascara tube.

  1. Measure out each oil and place them in a small glass bowl. Carefully pierce the vitamin E capsules and add them to the bowl as well.
  2. Mix well.

  1. Carefully add the oils to the mascara tube, using the eyedropper.

Use this eyelash serum before bed. It goes a long way, so use it sparingly. Everyone is different; some people have seen a difference right away and for others it may take a couple of weeks.
(Source -the real alternative

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Are you one of those who are suffering from hair loss? Here’s a home remedy I found… worth a try!

If you’re one of the unfortunate people suffering from alopecia or hair loss, you shouldn’t worry no more. We have just the thing you need – a perfect natural remedy that can stop hair loss and boost your hair growth in just a short time! The best part is that the remedy is completely natural and free of toxins, and you can easily prepare it from the comfort of your own home.


½ a banana

½ cup of beer

1 egg yolk

1 tablespoons of honey


Just mix all the ingredients in a blender and that’s it! Apply the hair mask on the affected parts on your head and leave it to work for a couple of hours. Don’t worry if your scalp burns – it’s a sign that the remedy is working.

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FACT: Sugar is not good for your intestines!

FACT: Sugar can be very good for your skin

Those expensive sugar scrubs you see in department stores and spas… they cost pennies to make! Sugar scrubs are a simple beauty recipe with countless variations, and they can be incredibly moisturizing and exfoliating to the skin.

I use sugar scrubs on my face, body, and (especially) feet to slough off dead skin and moisturize. The result? Silky skin with minimal effort!

If you are new to making your own beauty products (or even if you are a veteran natural beauty alchemist) I highly encourage you to try out these homemade sugar scrub recipes.


17 Amazing Uses for Epsom Salt… Some You Won’t Believe

Epsom salt, which is not really a salt at all but a mineral compound comprised of magnesium and sulfate, gets its named from a saline spring at Epsom in Surrey, England.

Epsom salt has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for a number of ailments, and also has many beauty, gardening and household uses.

Both magnesium and sulfate are readily absorbed into the skin, which makes their health benefits readily accessible. Over 325 enzymes in the body are regulated by magnesium, which also helps reduce inflammation, alleviates hardening of the arteries and improves muscle and nerve function. Sulfates improve the rate at which nutrients are absorbed and help to flush out toxins.

Here are 17 of our favorite uses for this versatile compound – we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

1. Soothe sore muscles

An Epsom salt bath is a great way to soothe sore muscles, cramps, bruises and joint pain. Because of this, it is a great after-workout soak. In addition, soaking in an Epsom salt bath is a wonderful way to relax and relieve stress. Add 2 cups of salts to a warm bath. Mix the salt in so it dissolves in the water. Soak for 10-15 minutes for best results.

2. Exfoliate skin

As we shed our skin naturally, the buildup of dead skin cells clogs pores and can cause blemishes. Exfoliation is necessary to keep skin healthy, glowing and vibrant. The best way to exfoliate with Epsom salts is to massage handfuls all over the body in the shower or bath. Your skin will feel soft and fresh with this homemade spa treatment.

3. Homemade hand wash

Mix ½ cup of baby oil with ½ cup of water, and add ¼ cup of Epsom salts and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Set this homemade mixture next to your sink for a nice bathroom hand wash.

4. Treat insect bites and poison ivy

A compress made with Epsom salts is a great way to treat mosquito bites, bee stings and poison ivy. Mix 2 tablespoons of salts with 1 cup of warm water. Soak a clean cloth in the mixture and hold on affected area to remove pain, burning and itching.

5. Clean your face

Your face need to be cleaned and exfoliated just like the rest of your body. Put a teaspoon of Epsom salts in your hand and mix with a little warm water. Scrub your face with the mixture then rinse clean. This facial cleaner not only exfoliates and rejuvenates but also helps remove blackheads and prevent acne.

6. Remove splinters

Splinters can be tricky and painful to remove. Skip the needles and soak your splintered skin in an Epsom salt bath. The salts will draw the splinter out and leave the area clean.

7. Lip balm

Dry, flakey, cracking lips are not only unsightly but also painful. Heal this uncomfortable condition with a homemade Epsom salt lip balm. Mix equal parts organic coconut oil and Epsom salts. Apply to lips generously to exfoliate and moisturize.

8. Tile cleaner

Bathroom and kitchen tile grime can be difficult to clean. Powerful tile cleaners are not only expensive, but also often contain harmful chemicals. Make your own hard-working natural Epsom salt tile scrub. Mix equal parts liquid dish soap with epsom salts. Scrub onto tiles with a sponge and rinse clean with water.

9. Insect killer

Mix ¼ cup of Epsom salts with 2 cups of water and place in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture around your home and garden to safely deter insects without the use of chemical insecticides.

10. Relieve constipation

Epsom salts are a great way to relieve constipation. Mix 2 teaspoons of Epsom salts in a glass of water. Drink entire cup for best results. If the taste is not appealing to you, try mixing with fresh juice instead.

11. Fertilize your lawn and plants

Epsom salts make a wonderful fertilizer for your lawn and potted plants. For greener grass, mix 1 cup of the salts for every gallon of water and spray over lawn area. To fertilize potted plants, simply sprinkle Epsom salts around the base of the plants once every week. This method of fertilizing also works great for tomatoes and other veggies.

12. Draw out toxins and reduce swelling

An Epsom salt bath is a wonderful way to draw toxins out of your body. Soaking in a bath for 10-15 minutes is also a great way to reduce swelling. Mix 1-2 cups of Epsom salts in a warm bath and mix to dissolve in water.

13. Boost your laundry

Epsom salts combined with a little essential oil makes a perfect fabric softener for your laundry. In addition, the salts will help remove detergent buildup from your washer. Mix 4 cups epsom salts with 20 drops of your favorite essential oil. Add ¼ cup to each load of laundry.

14. Kill foot fungus and remove odor

Soaking your feet in Epsom salts not only reduces swelling and draws out toxins, but also zaps odors and foot fungus. Add ¼ cup to a large container of warm water. Soak feet for 10-15 minutes.

15. Sunburn treatment

Soaking in an Epsom salt bath is a great way to soothe skin irritated by sunburn. Mix 1 cup of salts in warm bath water. Mix to combine and soak in the bath for 10-15 minutes.

16. Hair conditioner

Epsom salts make a great deep conditioner to add volume and remove grease from your hair. Combine equal parts of organic hair conditioner and Epsom salts and apply liberally to hair. Let sit for 20 minutes, then rinse clean.

17. Soften your hands

You know that soaking your feet in epsom salts is healthy, but what about your hands? Soaking your hands is a great way to soothe rough skin, calm aching finger joints, remove nail polish and remove any dirt from under your nails. Add 1/4 cup of Epsom salts to a large bowl of warm water. Soak hands in mixture for 5-10 minutes.

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Let’s Talk About WATER!

You can go without food for days, weeks and even months, but going without water for just one day can negatively impact your health. Many people do not realize just how important water really is. The human body is made up of 70% water. When we lose just a little bit of water through sweat and elimination, and we do not replenish that lost liquid, we begin to notice the effects to our health right away. Water and oxygen are the only two things in life that, without them for just a short period of time, we would die.

When a person begins to dehydrate more things happen in the body than just being thirsty. The more liquid in the body that is lost, the THICKER THE BLOOD BECOMES and the HARDER the HEART MUSCLE must work to PUMP the BLOOD through the CIRCULATORY SYSTEM. This causes a person to lose their ability to reason and think straight. This will create a compounding effect every day that water is not replaced in the physical body.

Most people think they drink enough liquids throughout the day to keep them hydrated. But if you counted all the beverages besides water that people drink you would see that they are actually DEHYDRATING themselves. Most liquids such as coffee, tea, soda, alcohol, Gatorade, and sugary fruit drinks do not hydrate the body like pure water can. Some people are walking around actually dehydrated and they don’t know it because they don’t feel thirsty. Let’s take a look at 4 of the main reasons you should make sure you’re getting enough water.

    The first sign of dehydration is the feeling of being tired; some people experience a headache and feel like taking a nap. When the body begins to dehydrate, the tissues and cells are not getting enough water to make a person feel like doing anything; enzymatic activity slows down and, without water, the enzymes are unable to produce energy. In fact, a dehydrated person may have no enthusiasm or joy for life. The good news is once the individual starts to drink some water, their energy reserves speed back up and sometimes the headache completely goes away.
    If a person is not drinking enough water, they do not have enough liquid to help with the elimination process and, without eliminating the foods we digest, we gain weight, gain toxins and feel awful. Being constipated is the beginning of many health problems, from allergies to toxic overload syndrome to digestive disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome, gas bloating, stomach pain, nausea and loss of appetite in chronic cases.

    To protect the stomach from its digestive fluids that are made during the digestion of food, the stomach is coated with a lining of mucous, which is 98% water and 2% sodium bicarbonate. Sodium bicarbonate helps in the digestive process by neutralizing the acids. When a person is DEHYDRATED, the stomach does not have enough liquid available to make the mucous, thus producing a poor mucous lining protecting a person from the acidic fluids the digestive process makes. This is why some people are more acidic rather than alkaline, and have digestive problems such as acid stomach and heartburn. This eventually, without the alkalinity needed, results in an ulcer of the stomach lining.

    Many times, when we are thirsty, we eat food rather than drink water. This can cause unnecessary weight gain, especially for a sedentary person. When your body is DEHYDRATED, it won’t tell you with a dry throat or mouth, but rather with a feeling of being hungry. Here’s the thing, if you just ate a sufficient meal not too long ago, how can you really need to eat again?

To know if you need water or food, the next time you are feeling hungry, drink at least one glass of water. If the hunger pains subside, you will know you just needed to feed the body some water. THE BODY NEEDS AT LEAST 2 TO 3 LITERS OF WATER A DAY, and drinking at least this much will keep you from feeling hungry. It will also help to eliminate more toxins from your body. Eventually, your body will stop telling you it’s hungry because you are maintaining hydration throughout the day. For Your Health, Drink More Water!
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 This past weekend, Some reps posted how Valentus products have helped them with their allergies to the Sun:
Valerie:   Hey there.  Happy Saturday!!!  So I’ve read posts how Valentus has helped people in specific areas of their life . Well here’s what happened to me. As I got older something in my body gave up and I’m allergic to the sun. Yep you heard me right. I get welts all over in a very short time and I get so itchy it’s miserable. I have to take an antihistamine in the morning if I think I’m going to be in the sun. Last weekend we went to the pool and in the way over I told Robb I forgot to take my pill. But oh well let’s just go and I’ll bug out when I have to. I was on my raft enjoying the sun waiting to start itching like crazy… never happened! We were out there for the afternoon and I didn’t itch once !!!! Don’t know if it’s the Immune Boost or the Spray Max or Slim Roast. I love them all!! Woo hoo.!!
Kathrine:  I am also allergic to the sun & since using my products have been able once again enjoy time outside.
Alison:   I WAS the same way too!! I had been allergic to the sun for the last 8 years and it was bad, I was the only one always wearing long sleeves in the summer!! This is the first year that I did not break out all over my body from being out in the sun! I am out everyday even in the dead of winter because I have horses and other farm animals that I tend to so it wasn’t like I was not in the sun all winter then went out in it in the spring. I was so excited that I was finally rid of the SUN RASH!!!!
We are not saying that Valentus products are the Cure All to all health issues, but we can say, thank you Valentus for making my life livable!!!!
DISCLAIMER: WE DO NOT MAKE MEDICAL CLAIMS; But when you put good Nutrition in your Body, You Body can respond in a Positive way.
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10 Genius DIY Beauty Treatments With Baking Soda10 

baking-soda2Using Baking Soda is not just for in the kitchen, for baking or refreshing your frig or drain.  But within that bright orange, otherwise forgotten box is a component to an endless amount of household, medical, and yes, beauty solutions.   What makes beauty and sodium bicarbonate a perfect pair? It’s an antifungal, an antiseptic, gently exfoliates away even the toughest calluses, and tackles more smells than what’s in your crisper drawer.
baking-soda-and-oil-body-scrub1. As an all-over scrub
Just add oatmeal for a nourishing, refreshing body exfoliator gentle enough for daily use. Make a paste of three parts baking soda, one part water, and one part ground oatmeal. Rub in a gentle circular motion to exfoliate skin and remove dead skin cells. Rinse clean with warm water.
2. To remove product buildup
Get rid of extra product buildup in your hair by sprinkling about a quarter-size of baking soda into your palm along with your favorite shampoo. Shampoo as usual and rinse thoroughly. The baking soda helps remove the residue that styling products leave behind so your hair is cleaner and more manageable.
3. As a prelude to a manicure
Dip a small nail brush into some baking soda and gently scrub under nails and around cuticles until clean. Then, make a paste of three parts baking soda and one part water, and rub in a gentle, circular motion over hands and fingers to exfoliate and smooth. Rinse clean with warm water and apply polish as usual.
4. To soften tough calluses
First, soften the calluses: blend two tablespoons of baking soda in a basin of warm water and add a few drops of lavender oil. After a nice long soak, scrub them away using three parts baking soda, one part water, and one part brown sugar. Follow with an application of a rich moisturizer and a warm towel foot wrap. Let sit for 5-10 minutes.
getty-158315614-bath-soak-trinette-reed5. As a bath soak
For a relaxing end to a long day, add ½ cup of baking soda to your bath to neutralize acids on the skin and help wash away oil and perspiration while you soak. When combined with water, baking soda goes to work softening and soothing skin while calming irritants that the body brings to its surface as a result of a bite, skin irritation or mild sunburn.
6. As a deodorant
Mix four tablespoons of baking soda with about 10 drops of your favorite essential oil and apply to underarms with a brush. To reapply throughout the day, just fill an empty mineral makeup container with it and use a stubby Kabuki brush for a no-mess application on the go.
baking-soda-and-acne-scars7. As an acne spot-treatment
If you ran out of your favorite acne or drawing mask, try making a little paste from baking soda and water and applying it to the pimple like a spot treatment. We don’t recommend this for deep cysts, but it dries surface offenders out like a charm.
8. To whiten your teeth

For a quick way to whiten your teeth in the morning, sprinkle baking soda into your palm, dip a damp toothbrush into it, and brush. Then rinse and follow with your toothpaste. For an antifungal mouthwash, mix one teaspoon baking soda in ¼ glass of water and swish the solution through your teeth.

hbs-face-wash319. As a face wash
Exfoliating your face removes rough dead skin and reveals brighter,younger-looking skin. But if your scrub is too harsh, you could end up looking like you got a bad facial. Try this recipe for a gentle, antifungal (read: anti-acne) face wash: Combine one tablespoon raw organic honey and one teaspoon baking soda in your palm and rub together. Then, massage gently in circular motions. Let sit for a minute and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

baking-soda-for-upset-stomach10. To calm uneasy stomach

Okay, we know this isn’t exactly a beauty solution, but it works so well we had to share. Acid stomach, heartburn, gas, and other tummy issues are quickly relieved by baking soda because its slight alkalinity can neutralize the acid causing the problem. Just mix a teaspoon into a glass of warm water and drink it down.
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DIY Facial Treatment

DIY Facial Treatment

DIY facial treatment to give you the bright, radiant skin you crave this spring. The best part? This DIY exfoliation mask is made with four ingredients you totally already have in your kitchen!

1/4 cup honey
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup milk
2 tbsp olive oil

Mix ingredients together to create a scrub. Scrub onto skin for a few minutes using downward circles, toÂstimulate the lymphatic system and help to rid the tissue of any impurities. Leave on for 10 minutes. Remove with luke warm water.

This mask is great for exfoliating sensitive skin.. This mask is calming, and you can use it to scrub away any unevenness. Plus the lactic acid in the mask will assist in resurfacing the skin, while the olive oil will act as an anti-inflammatory!


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