Chose your Lifestyle Plan!

Choosing the Right Lifestyle Plan~!


Whether you’re active or wishing to be active, or wanting to accelerate and enhance your healthy lifestyle or just wishing to lose weight healthily, Valentus has the plan for you! PM me today to find out more or go to then get back to me and get your order in!  Or go to

Valentus Active Lifestyle Plan

The Active Lifestyle Pack. Jump start your active living with Valentus Prevail targeted products, to get more out of your workouts and increase your overall productivity.

Valentus Weight Loss Accelerate Lifestyle Plan

Are you READY to take your life to the MAX??  Want to see AMAZING results quickly??  Get yourself the Accelerator pack and get started NOW!!

Valentus 12in24 Lifestyle PlanValentus 12in24 Lifestyle Plan

Valentus Previal Functional Beverages!! 12in24 plan…consisting of one Slimroast weightloss coffee, one Trim, and one Immune Boost each day! Drop 12 pounds, 12 inches or any combination of the two in 4 weeks! Who is ready to get started??
Visit to enroll or set up as pre-enrollee to reserve your spot!
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