Welcome to KJensifyMe Healthy | Katharine’s Blog

Welcome to KJensifyMe Healthy | Katharine’s Blog
Hi, my name is Katharine (Kathy) I worked previously At a call center as a Customer Service Representive. I also have been an Online Marketer with MLM’s / Individual partnerships with other companies since 2010.

Right now I am currently an Affiliate with Bio Trust Nutrition, which is a company based on Nutrition and Health! They provide great reports on healthy Nutrition as well as All Natural Supplements, and Nutritional low carb powder (you can make healthy shakes, use in replacement of flour etc,) and low carb healthy snacks and cookies! check it out:

Just recently, in October 2016, I became a Distributor for Valentus Coffee (Valentus Canada). At Valentus, we offer weight loss coffee as almost everyone drinks coffee. And for those who do not drink coffee, we offer other weight loss/ management beverages, such as Trim, Energy and Immune. can view online the products and how they work at http://www.kjensifyme.myvalentus.com
Also can sign up and take the free tour or as a distributor at http://www.kjensifyme.experiencevalentus.com
For my Affiliate for BioTrust:
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Along with my Products posts, emailers (which you can sign up at the top under About Me: KJensifyme Healthy/Health, Fitness and Nutrition Newsletter), Blogging, we offer useful DIYs, Recipes and Healthy Tips, which will be posted here in my blog! Feel free to share our posts! As well, you are welcome to sign up for my own Health and Nutrition Newsletter full of Healthy Inspiration, E-reports, information and more!
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Join us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/KJensifymehealthy for tips, ideas, and inspiration to motivate you to get healthier and lose weight! It is a FREE support group with over 480 members with a common goal! Let’s do it together! Looking for something that is all natural, will help you feel full and has a natural appetite suppressant PLUS added enzymes to help your body process and function better?!! Visit https://www.facebook.com/kjensifyhealthy for more information!