The Choice of Aging

,Everyone ages, but there are aspects we can slow down or even prevent in order to preserve our healthy and youthful appearance. This, by definition, should be grab those interested in functional, natural healthcare. 

Because aging IS natural.It’s a vital and unavoidable part of life which when handled incorrectly can truly produce disastrous results (think of the WORST ‘botox-fail’ you’ve ever seen). While there are countless synthetic methods to ‘slow down’ the effects of aging, such as the onset of wrinkles, skin loosening, and the dulling of skin tone,, they are not permanent. These temporary “solutions” cannot prevent the pending lure of your next birthday when it inevitably comes around.Functional health care, however, makes the natural ways in which we can remain our most youthful and healthy the priority! It’s been proven that the most youthful, in both appearance and mindset, are those who live the more modest lifestyles such as avoiding extremes, and maintaining a healthy relationship with food, alcohol, and exercise.What Causes ‘Aging Skin’?The skin is one of the most obvious areas of aging. Some of the most damaging things for skin health include:StressSun exposureSmokingAlcoholExtreme cold weatherLack of physical fitnessLack of sleepNatural health practitioners recognize that it’s difficult to recommend one treatment or solution to prevent aging in all patients. That’s why it’s important to find natural products which agree to your unique skin needs in order to minimize the effects of the aging process naturally.Functional medicine believes that no one person or illness is the same, and so becoming ‘literate’ in the area of functional health which applies to you is key to gaining mastery of it and seeing lasting results.Our hope is to enable all patients to become ‘literate’ and confident in functional health, so as to maximize their chances of preventing the early onset of aging.Naturally occurring oils are some of the best-known fighters on aging in the functional medicine world! The following recipe is a great cream you can make yourself and add to your anti-aging routine: Ingredients: 1 1/2 fl oz (40ml) Sweet Almond Oil1 fl oz (20ml) Calendula Oil3/4 oz (20g) Cosmetic Grade BeeswaxA handful of Dried Calendula Flowers1/2 teaspoon (2 ml) Frankincense Essential Oil1/4 teaspoon (1 ml) Lemon Essential OilSee the link below for further instructions: We are motivated to educate as many people as possible which is why we host many events at our office. From in-person educational experiences to virtual webinars and even parties to celebrate our patients, we encourage everyone to get involved with all of our offerings. Take a look at all of our exciting events here:—Kjensifyme Healthy | Katharine
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