Savasana is more than a quick cat nap at the end of a yoga session, and it sometimes takes people years to figure that out.

Savasana, also known as corpse pose, is meant to eliminate any final tension you’re holding in the body at the end of a practice. By the end of your practice, your body and mind should be tired enough to relax into Savasana fully. Think of it as the way you used to fall asleep on the drive home from a long day playing at the park as a child. Or the way a dog might plop down immediately for a nap as soon as he returns from a long walk. The wrapping up should be the calmest and quietest part.

BUT, it’s not always so easy. We have a ton going on in our lives, and a lot of thoughts coursing through our minds.

“How much longer will we be here?”
“Oh gosh, I’m so thirsty, would it be weird to sit up and have a sip of water?”
“I wonder if __ has texted me back yet…”
“How much time did I put in my meter? I hope I don’t get a ticket.”
“Oh god, I don’t want to go to work today.”

I get it. I’ve been there. We all have! It’s totally normal to have trouble focusing on Savasana and it takes practice!

1.) Stretch out and be sure that you’re totally comfortable. Need a blanket on top of you? Grab it. Need a bolster under your neck? Make it happen.

2.) Take one final deep, deep breath. Let your parasympathetic nervous system know that you’re safe and all is well.

3.) Do a body scan. Are you clenching your jaw? Arching your back? Take a minute to mentally move from head to toe and make sure every part of you is as relaxed as it can be.

4.) Just be. Some days this will be easy, while some days it’ll be a bit trickier. Allow yourself to observe what you’re feeling, accept the emotion, then try to move on. This part takes practice. One tactic you can try is to take a moment to express gratitude. Think of small things that you might be guilty of taking for granted, then move to big things that really impact your life. Gratitude is powerful.

5.) Set an intention. Perhaps, you do this at the beginning of your practice, perhaps you save it til the end. Either way, setting an intention is a good way to send focus toward a positive notion or idea that makes you enthusiastic and can set you up for success as soon as you arise from Savasana.

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