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Subject/ Topic: Sending you a FREE bottle of premium anti-aging skin cream ($150 value; need your address)

Hi, my name is Katharine.  Today for 24hrs only, we are offering you the chance to try Ageless Glow for free!  My friend,  Chris from Biotrust will expain~!*I may earn compensation for my review, promotion or mention of any BioTrust Nutrition Products discussed on this website

Attention Men & women over 40 who suffer from visible signs of aging like “turkey neck” loose skin on your neck, face, and arms, “crow’s feet,” laugh lines, sun damage, dark spots, and/or bags under your eyes…

Great news! To celebrate the huge success of their brand new Ageless Glow™ skin rejuventating serum, my good friends Joel & Josh (Founders of BioTrust) want to reward the first 250 people to visit the link below link with a $59 FREE bottle of this revolutionary anti-aging skin cream… with ZERO strings attached! This means after you receive your FREE bottle, NOTHING more will ever be sent to you, or charged to you, in the future.

It’s truly FREE (no autoship, no future charges – nothing). Pretty incredible, as this is absolutely an extremely valuable, ultra-premium product made with natural ingredients… while being the safest, purest, fastest-acting and most effective anti-aging skin care product available on the market today for both women AND men… hands down!

Beyond that, you may be wondering exactly what makes BioTrust Ageless Glow bar none the BEST anti-aging skin care product on the market, and there are a lot of reasons…

**For starters, it’s extremely fast-acting, yielding smoother, firmer, younger-looking skin in as little as 7 days
**It’s been shown to significantly reduce common signs of aging like “turkey neck”, saggy skin, “crow’s feet”, laugh lines, and wrinkles
**It’s made with high-quality, natural ingredients (no artificial colors, dyes, fragrances or ingredients of any kind)
**It’s naturally hypoallergenic and meticulously crafted to be an exceptional choice even for the most sensitive skin types
**It’s a non-GMO formula, free from parabens, phthalates, and sulfates
**It’s manufactured in a top-rated GMP-Certified Facility so you can be confident that you’re getting a premium & pure final product, every time
**It’s formulated for Women AND Men, and works wonders for both
**It provides a synergistic combination of the 4 key skin-rejuvenating botanicals Majestem™, Senestem™, Sodium Hyaluronate, and Squalane (not found together in any other product!)
**It’s NEVER tested on animals, non-greasy, and pleasant to use (with a light, natural citrus scent)

And did I mention it works FAST, in as little as 7 days?

And what’s more, along with your FREE bottle of BioTrust Ageless Glow today, they’re also going to include a FREE copy of their 26-page special anti-aging eBook, “The Top 10 Anti-Aging Superfoods” so you’ll have even more anti-aging ammo in your arsenal as you defy aging and quickly enjoy smoother, firmer, younger-looking skin in as little as 7 days with Ageless Glow!

And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also receive FREE access to BioTrust’s exclusive online community where their trained health & nutrition coaches will make certain that every aspect of your anti-aging transformation is fully supported.

Fact is, you will get all THREE of these extraordinary anti-aging gifts FREE… over a $150 value… and in return, all they ask is that you help cover the very small cost of shipping.

Why Are They Being THIS Generous? What’s the catch?

There is no catch.  It’s simple really… Joel & Josh and BioTrust Nutrition want to EARN your trust by PROVING to you that Ageless Glow™ is the “real deal” so you can begin experiencing the same age-defying, skin-smoothing & tightening results that more than 250,000 BioTrust customers are already experiencing world-wide… for FREE!

They know that once you experience the incredible results of this premium anti-aging super formula for yourself that you’ll be back for more, so they’re willing to GIVE you your first bottle, along with your TWO additional extremely valuable bonus gifts, 100% at their expense.

Now that’s the great news; the bad news is that they have only set aside 250 FREE bottles of Ageless Glow and bonus gifts to give away to men & women reading this email on a first come, first-served basis — and when this small allotment of inventory is gone, this rare special offer will end without notice. In fact, you will want to visit the special link below right away because these FREE Ageless Glow bottles may already be out of stock.

To get your FREE bottle of BioTrust Ageless Glow and your FREE bonus gifts, act now by visiting the link below before they’re all gone!

==> Secure Your FREE Bottle of Ageless Glow Now! (very limited inventory)

 *I may earn compensation for my review, promotion or mention of any BioTrust Nutrition Products discussed on this website

**One free container per household

To your great success!
Katharine Jensen 

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