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Learn a New Skill to Improve Your Well-being

Did you know mindfulness is a skill? Just like other skills you’ve mastered, it takes time and practice. Each of us has the capacity to live more mindfully, but most of us are not taught how to do so.

Everyday mindfulness allows us to alter our habitual unconscious responses by taking a pause and choosing how we act. Imagine having the power to understand, tolerate, and manage your emotions in a healthier way. You can!

The simple act of breathing is one of the most powerful yet underutilized tools available to each of us. Thankfully the body breathes for us, otherwise, we wouldn’t have the capacity to think of much else. However, breathing with intention is the fastest way to quiet the mind and calm the entire body.

During my mindfulness email series, I will teach you techniques to bring mindfulness into your daily routines. Learn how to incorporate more mindfulness into every element of your day by opting-in today.

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When it comes to parenting, everyone goes in clueless! No number of books you read or amount of advice you take can prepare you for the job. 

Children are influenced by how parents behave and react to situations, so teaching your family mindfulness is one of the greatest gifts you can instill. 

Practicing a ten-minute meditation with your children in the mornings not only helps them succeed in school, but it also provides another opportunity for closeness and presence within your family.

Here are some additional techniques to help bring mindfulness to your family:

-In addition to incorporating a daily practice into your routine, it’s important to establish healthy boundaries with your children. This means leaving children out of adult situations and unburdening them with unattained personal goals. While it’s essential to provide a safe place for children, they must be allowed to discover the world for themselves.

-Teach them how to live in the moment by example. This means providing them with your undivided attention. Put down your phone when you are in the presence of another person. Don’t allow things to distract you while interacting with and in front of children. 

-Live by a routine to help reduce stress for you and your family. Knowing what to expect and what is expected can provide a sense of comfort. 

-Designate a quiet zone in your home. All members of the family should honor this location as a space for quiet reflection and the person using the area can sit undisturbed. 

-Finally, cultivate kindness towards yourself. Children will see this and learn how to be kind to themselves in return.

It’s a win-win for you and your family!

Never Ending Benefits

Dear Friends,

Now that you know how to implement different forms of mindfulness into your daily life, let’s talk about the benefits you can enjoy!

Less Stress: Anxiety, worry, and stress are common outcomes of our busy daily lives. Once worry sets in, your brain can have a difficult time letting it go. A continual thought loop where every bad outcome imaginable is replayed reinforces your worry rather than overcoming it. Numerous studies have found that living more mindfully shows fewer signs of rumination and anxiety. Mindfulness is stress reducing by acting as a preventative measure and help people get through difficult times.

More Focus: Anyone experiencing mind-wandering and the adverse effects that losing concentration brings can also benefit from mindfulness practice. In fact, studies have shown that meditating regularly can thicken the part of the brain responsible for memory, concentration, and learning, known as the cerebral cortex.

Check out this list of additional noted benefits of mindfulness:

-controlled emotional response
-cognitive flexibility
-improved sleep
-natural pain relief
-slowed progression of neurodegenerative diseases
-enhanced creativity
-reduced feelings of loneliness

As you can see, the benefits are limitless! If you need further help with your mindfulness practice, let me know. Sign up today to begin receiving your very own Newsletter for Everday Mindfulness!

KJensifyme Healthy | Health and Wellness

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