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Dear Goal Setters,

When you’re in the beginning stages of setting a goal or planning a project, it’s easy to get excited; but over time, it’s natural to lose steam. 

First, know this: there will always be a lull in the middle of a project. Beginnings and endings are fun and exciting, it’s in the middle of a project where you’re most likely to quit – it’s frustrating, messy, and if you don’t have a plan in place to deal with setbacks and roadblocks, your project risks coming to a halt.

To keep this from happening, try the following tips:

Have another project in progress. When you hit a creative wall in one project, sometimes the best way to break through it is to walk away. There’s a good chance that when you return to your project, the answer to your problem will become clear. Keep in mind that this tactic of goal setting can quickly turn into procrastination, so it’s vital to ensure that your other projects are also productive and will get you toward your overall goal. 

Baby steps. Big tasks are not tasks in and of themselves; they’re usually groups of small jobs. If you get overwhelmed looking at a to-do-list, break up your tasks into more manageable steps. 

Monitor your process. This way you’ll be able to effortlessly visualize how much you’ve done so far. Whether this is creating a spreadsheet, downloading an app, or just keeping a giant to-do list that you’re crossing things off from – figure out what’s best for you.

“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.” – Bill Copeland


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