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As you’ve collected by now, a big part of practicing yoga is being present in the moment and focusing on each breath you take as you move through time and space.

Another word for that: mindfulness.

Mindfulness has many definitions and can mean a lot of different things to different people, but in essence, it means to practice BEING in a non-judgemental state of complete awareness of one’s thoughts.

Practicing yoga is a way of being mindful. Meditation and pranayama breathing are acts of mindfulness as well.

Why be mindful? It keeps us from harming ourselves and others. By tending to ourselves and our own needs and understanding our being so intrinsically, we allow ourselves to move through the world in a more positive way, and in turn, we attract positive things.

Why? Lots of reasons, but the most common excuse is that often, we’re too busy. But with all the evidence that focused breathing and meditation is beneficial to our overall health, shouldn’t we be paying more attention?

Here are some scenarios where you might benefit from snapping into some breathing exercises:

-While driving: Road rage is real and even the most mindful of us can find ourselves slipping into panic mode when someone does something unexpected on the highway. Instead of lashing out, take three deep breaths.
-Don’t drive? How about when you’re at the mercy of someone else’s driving — or someone else’s schedule in general? You know when you have plans with someone and they’re late, how frustrating that can be? Or what about when a friend asks you for advice but then doesn’t take it?

Next time, instead of yelling, ‘I told you so!’ or holding a grudge, try excusing yourself for a few moments to collect your thoughts and focus on your breathing. I guarantee you’ll feel some kind of transformation!

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