Very Berry Ice Cream

Who Doesn’t love Ice Cream?

Very Berry Ice Cream!

Everyone loves ice cream on those hot summer days! But most ice cream you buy in stores are loaded with sugars and glucose – WOW! Sugar rush or what!!! 😠 Making your own Ice Cream gives you more control over the ingredients you intake! Healthier too!

Here is a delicious Very Berry or what ever Flavour you might choose, that is health and delicious! Enjoy! 😆😀

Make some fresh ice cream ready for later☀️☀️☀️
Quick easy & simple to make 🙌🏼💕
All you need is fresh fruit of your choice
I have chosen strawberry & blueberry 🍓🍓
Greek yoghurt
Rice milk (100ml)
1 scoop vanilla powder
Blitz together 👌🏻
it will go into a thick ish texture & you just need to freeze 🤗😋
Guiltttttt freee 🍓🙊

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