Introducing KETO CREAMER!

Introducing the latest in the Healthy weight loss world!
PREVAIL Keto Creamer Imagine a product that works so well that you can see results the same day. What if what your seeing was the first step in getting rid of those extra pounds?
The new Valentus KETO CREAMER does exactly that. It puts your body into Ketosis, which you can see for yourself via special Ketosis strips. This is the first step in losing weight.
How does all this incredible magic happen?
First the good news, Its a 100% natural process.
When the body breaks down excess fatty acids, ketones are produced in a process called ketogenesis. Then these Ketone bodies are used by the brain and heart for energy. During starvation, the brain relies on ketones for 75% of its energy.
But the really good news is that you dont have to starve. BUT you do have to stay away from sugar. Why? Ketone bodies are only produced when sugars are not available. That is why It is important to stay away from eating sugar when taking advantage of the ketone diet.
When the body is starved from sugars, energy must be produced from fat. The mitochondria in your liver cells use Acetyl-coenzyme A to create ketones from body fat. Normally, fat is not soluble in water. Turning fat into ketones allows fat to become water soluble, traveling in the bloodstream to nourish your brain and heart. When ketones are in the bloodstream the body is under ketosis.
Ketosis converts the fat from your chubby areas and moves it into your bloodstream as bioavailable energy.
The end result PREVAIL Keto Creamer helps you turn fat into energy!
Take the free tour today…
I Am Looking For People Who Are Eager To Lose Weight And Keep It Off!
Could this be You? Join me here to find out how!

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