Fitness Tips – 12in24 Lifestyle!    Part 2

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Along with the 12in24 Lifestyle plan, you can incorporate simple fitness in your daily regime by following these simple Fitness Tips and become a Healthier, Fit You!     On November 25th, I blogged tips 1 to 9.    Today will feature tips 10 to 14.   Hope you have enjoyed this series.  Please feel free to leave a comment below or signup at the link provided.


Fitness Tips #10

Tip #10 Play an active video gameChances are that if you have kids or grandkids, there’s an Xbox Kinect, Wii Fit, or other virtual reality console already in your home. If this is the case, take advantage of it!

These types of video games keep you and your family up and moving around through dance or mimicking actions like swinging a tennis racket, running in place, and even paddling a kayak!

While it is great fun in the moment, most of these games will also keep track of your score, weight, and fitness level, providing you a chart to follow your progress so you can be proud of each gaming session while bonding with your family simultaneously.

(It’s also perfectly OK to extend the gaming session a bit if the weather isn’t cooperative for your other activities!)

Fitness Tip #11

Tip #11 Walk your dog each dayMany dog owners consider their pups to be family, yet unconsciously get comfortable with doing their four-legged family members a huge disservice of not taking them for well-deserved walks.

While these walks serve many purposes for pups, they also get their caretakers active which often helps maintain a healthy weight, manage stress, sleep better, and even increase overall energy levels over time.

Don’t have a dog? That’s OK! Dog-sitting for a friend or volunteering to walk shelter dogs does your body and soul good.

Allergic to dogs? There are plenty of hypoallergenic shelter dogs that would love to make friends with you!

Tired of the same walking path? Take a drive to a park, nature reserve, or local landmark!

Fitness Tip #12

Tip #12 Watch no more than an hour of tv per dayThe most common excuse we use for not exercising or cooking nutritious meals is the lack of time, yet most people make a few hours of TV part of their everyday routine.

Turning off the TV a little longer each day will help you rediscover time for other passions like playing soccer with the kids, playing fetch with Rover, or trying out that new smoothie recipe that sounds like absolute paradise.

Not only will you become more active, but you’ll enjoy creating your own sitcom instead of watching one.

Fitness Tip #13

Tip #13 Go to the Gym 3xs a week jpgSo many people sign up for the gym with the best intentions but let life get in the way. I’m here to remind you that exercising is part of life!

Half the battle of being active at the gym is simply showing up. The other half is just keeping motivated.

Ways to keep motivated at the gym include changing up routines, asking staff for their ideas, taking advantage of any classes, finding a machine that you really enjoy, and teaching new members how to use the machines properly.

Do you have a favorite machine or routine?

Fitness Tip #14

Tip #14 Try a new work out video or classWould you believe there is a thing called aerial yoga? How about Zumba? AquaCycling?

Believe it or not, there is a class for just about everything you can dream up, including rhythmic drumming with weighted drumsticks, indoor cycling in front of an IMAX screen, extreme hula-hooping, introductory parkour, throwback activities (like Dodgeball and Capture the Flag), H.I.I.P. (High Intensity Interval Painting), and even trampoline jumping classes.

With so much variety outside of the home (and so much variety available available for rent or to own via DVD or a streaming service), you never have to do the same class twice!

What is your activity of choice today?

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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Fitness Tips -1in24 Lifestyles will continue with Parts 10 to 14 on 12/10/017!


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