Fitness Tips – 12in4 Lifestyle

Fitness Tips – 12in24 Lifestyle!    Part 1

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Along with the 12in24 Lifestyle plan, you can incorporate simple fitness in your daily regime by following these simple Fitness Tips and become a Healthier, Fit You!


Fitness Tips #1

Exercise for 12 mins every 24 hrsThis is a CHALLENGE for everyone – comment with #ChallengeAccepted if you are IN!


I get it… not everyone can devout hours to personal fitness, however 12 minutes of daily activity is attainable even if you’re just getting up and moving around during your favorite TV show’s commercial breaks.

The more you practice activity during commercials, the more fun ideas you can think of and enjoy like jumping jacks, jump rope, running up and down the stairs, chasing your kids or pets around the house, pedalling on a stationary bike, squats, or even planking.


Fitness Tips #2

Do something active outdoors each daySmall steps taken every day can help you learn to love the outdoors again (and all of the beauty that comes with it). Here are a few small, easy changes you can make:

-Start a garden
-Walk around the park
-Play fetch
-Bike to the store
-Play Hide & Seek with your kids
-Rekindle your love for sports
-Attend outdoor yoga classes
-Volunteer to walk shelter dogs
-Take a nature walk

What other simple ideas can you come up with that will get you outside?


Fitness Tip #3

Stretch for 5 mins each dayOften under-estimated, a good stretch may be what’s preventing you from wanting to be active in the first place!

Stretches help to improve many things including circulation, breathing, flexibility, and even range of motion. (It’s even relaxing if you’re looking for a mood booster!)

You can do even the simplest of stretches almost anywhere including in the line at the store, at your daughter’s soccer game, at your desk, waiting for your dog to finish his business, and even first thing in the morning beside the bed.


Fitness Tip #4

Tip #4 Go for a walk each dayWho is willing to go for a walk today OUTSIDE?

You can walk at any speed, anywhere, for as long as you feel comfortable. You can start slow, do laps that don’t stray too far from home, or you can work up to long distance walks.

The key is just to get walking!!!


Fitness Tip #5

Tip #5 Track the Calories you Burn each dayThere’s an app for everything, including helping you lose weight!

Calorie counting apps are not only convenient to use 24/7, but they are extremely helpful in charting your progress on your weight loss journey.

Simply use the app a few days to count only what foods/calories you’ve consumed. (It’s best to track immediately after consumption as you might forget what you ate if you’re only tracking at night.)

After the first few days, go back and look at your average daily calorie consumption and start figuring out if there were smarter choices you could have made. (A heavy meal before bed maybe wasn’t a good idea. Or maybe 1 serving of cookies instead of 2 next time…)

By doing so, each workout you get in can also be tracked so you can make sure you’re burning more calories than you’re consuming. You’ll eventually be able to know how many calories you plan on burning off so you know how many you can afford to eat. A win-win!


Fitness Tip #6

Tip #6 Yard workSometimes losing weight is just about being a little more open-minded to monotonous tasks like weeding, mowing the lawn, and landscaping.

These repetitive tasks not only increase your heart rate and help you burn calories, but they’ll also give you a beautiful home to be proud of as the end result!

If it needs to get done anyway, you might as well enjoy it and use it to your advantage!


Fitness Tip #7

Tip #7 Squeeze a stress ballContrary to the limiting belief that squeezing a stress ball has little to no benefit (outside of strengthening your forearms and hands or preventing someone from getting upset in a situation), keeping a stress ball handy can help you burn calories without even realizing it.

The simple repetition of squeezing a ball also gets your blood flowing, especially during lulls throughout the day when you need an energy boost the most. (This is important to keep in mind when you’re unable to go for your daily walk or simply need to take a minute to yourself!)


Fitness Tip #8

Tip #8 Use a piece of equipment each dayYou don’t need to be training for a marathon or train like an athlete in order to start seeing a difference on the scale!

By using a piece of fitness equipment in your daily routine, you can maximize your calorie burn at work, on the go, during TV commercials, during vacation, or even when playing with your kids!

Here are some great options:
A medicine ball, an exercise band, a jump rope, weights, a BOSU ball.

What will you use today?


Fitness Tip #9

Tip #9 Take the stairsThere’s nothing more overwhelming than by starting a journey on the most difficult path, which is why most people get results but starting their weight loss journey with constant small changes.

Taking the stairs, parking further away, and walking to the store are simple tasks that easily burn pesky calories (especially if you couldn’t resist caloric temptation earlier in the day!).

Take advantage of every chance you have to get up and get moving, even if it’s just for a few moments!

What is your activity of choice today?

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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Fitness Tips -1in24 Lifestyles will continue with Parts 10 to 14 on 12/10/017!


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