Age Spots

Hi,  on behalf of  BioTrust medical advisor Dr. Matt Roberson, we’re going to reveal to you the exciting details of a brand new, breakthrough formula so powerful that it’s been shown through peer-reviewed research to roll back up to 17 years of degenerative cellular aging… yes, you read that right, 17 years!
Best yet, today we’re making it EASIER than ever to get your hands on this “age-defying miracle” with HUGE discounts and FREE shipping — all while helping you drastically reduce the belly-fat producing, age-accelerating hormone cortisol 6.4Xs lower!
Let me ask you a question:
Did you know that every single second at least one person dies from an age-related condition?  What’s more, research estimates that by the year 2020 the percentage of aging-related deaths will increase another 25%!
Just think, are you experiencing any of these telltale signs that “Father Time” is closing in on you and knocking on your door?
*Skin issues (such as dry skin, age spots, wrinkles, and saggy skin)
*Loss of sexual desire and/or sexual function
*Joint discomfort, stiffness, and/or swelling
*Weakened muscles
*Frail bones
*Memory and other cognitive issues
*Declining vision and auditory skills
*Decreased energy and increased fatigue
*A weakening immune system, leaving you sick more and more often
*An underperforming circulatory system
*A cardiovascular system that just can’t support a truly active lifestyle any longer
*Hormonal decline
*Feeling blue and moody
*Dulling, thinning hair
*Loss of muscle tone and your youthful figure
*Slowed metabolism and perpetual weight gain
And that’s just naming a few!
Even more, are these same despairs of aging disrupting your life, preventing you from doing the things and activities you love most?  Have you been sidelined due to your struggle with weakened muscles, joints and bones, reduced lung power, and/or decreased energy reserves?  And even more sobering, are you concerned about losing your freedom due to age-related vision, hearing, and seemingly inevitable mental decline?
Have the woes of aging left you feeling undesirable, unwanted, undervalued by society, or unimportant?
Fact is, these common concerns and the unescapable reality of aging are no laughing matter.  Even worse, there are a host of environmental and lifestyle factors that are constantly preying on the youth of every cell of your body:
*UV rays that damage the DNA of skin cells, leading to thinning skin, sun spots, wrinkles, exaggerated expression lines, and even pervasive dryness and itching
*Stress, which sends the age-accelerating hormone cortisol into overdrive
*Mood-related issues which have been linked to as much as a decade of accelerated aging
*Lack of sleep shown to significantly shorten the length of DNA telomeres (AKA your “cellular timekeepers”)
*Too much or too little exercise — studies show that both the highly active and sedentary populations have similar age-related biomarkers as a result of too little or too much of a good thing
*Poor nutrition, leading to a lack of antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals that fight the aging process
*Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) infiltrating our diet which have been linked to poor immune function and accelerated aging
*Excessive Omega-6 fatty acid intake – the most prevalent fatty acid in the American diet – which has been shown to accelerate aging and significantly increase inflammation
*Highly processed carbohydrates and sugar intake which promote the formation of AGEs (Advanced Glycation End-products).  These mutated proteins have been shown to significantly accelerate cellular aging.
*Overeating in general, which produces age-accelerating free radicals
*Alcohol consumption, which decreases the body’s antioxidant activity while at the same time increasing cell-damaging free radicals – a double whammy!
*Being overweight, which by itself leads to a state of increased cell-damaging oxidative stress
*Over-the-counter and prescription medications, a good number of which have been linked to accelerated aging
*Pesticides, herbicides, pollution, and other environmental toxins have all been shown to increase the appearance of skin aging and do damage to delicate skin DNA
Simply put, the world we live in today takes what Mother Nature intended to be a much more gradual, graceful aging process full of vitality and longevity, and accelerates it unfairly beyond belief.  And when you realize the constant danger the delicate cells of your body and most precious organs are continually being exposed to in today’s day and age, it’s no wonder that research shows the devastating physical consequences of aging are the #1 fear of adults over 40.
Are you worried about…
*The nightmare of looking decades older than your actual age?
*The fear of losing your freedom due to an aging, frail and weakened body and deteriorating mental abilities?
*The dread of not being around to see your grandchildren graduate school and go on to get married?
*The fear of no longer being desired by your partner or valued by society?
It all sounds very overwhelming, and it is. The fortunate news, however, is that there IS something you can do about it.  Even better, the answer is found in a brand new synergistic blend of 5 research-backed age-defying “super nutrients” that we call Ageless Body™ — a formula so powerful that it is actually able to significantly slow the aging process while at the same time:
**Rolling back up to 17 years of degenerative cellular aging!
**Combatting external “photo aging”, notably improving skin tone & elasticity, and minimizing wrinkles
**Reducing melanin (the molecule responsible for dark spots) by a whopping 30%
**Significantly increasing the hormones responsible for skin brightness and that “youthful glow”
**Drastically reducing the belly-fat producing, age-accelerating hormone cortisol 6.4Xs lower!
**Reducing sleeplessness and improving quality of sleep by 66%
**Significantly firming and tightening aged skin, especially loose skin
**Dramatically increasing feelings of wellbeing by 36Xs!
And it does it all while maintaining and significantly reducing the degradation of the most important aging biomarker ever discovered – the length of your “cellular timekeepers”, known as telomeres.
But how exactly does Ageless Body™ provide all of these incredible anti-aging, cell-rejuvenating benefits in just two small capsules, twice daily?  In order to understand that, we first have to understand WHY we age, and there are 3 major root causes…
1. Degradation of your “cellular timekeepers”, known as telomeres.  Telomeres are the “protective caps” at the end of each strand of cellular DNA that control aging.  In fact, telomeres are so critically important to aging that some within the medical community are now calling telomeres your “eternal youth genes”, and for good reason.
You see, every day the cells in your body divide as many as 2 trillion times.  Old cells die, and the body replaces them with a duplicate.  While these new cells are indeed duplicates, like a photocopied image they are slightly less perfect than the original.  What’s more, a 2009 Nobel Prize-winning discovery revealed that with each cell division, it’s the telomeres (those protective caps at the end of DNA) that are slightly degraded and over time become significantly reduced in size.  Think of the protective plastic tips at the end of your shoe laces.  When those deteriorate, the entire shoe lace unravels.  It’s the same thing with your telomeres and the delicate cells of your body.  Worse yet, as your telomeres degrade and shorten, your body ages more rapidly.
The cold, hard truth is this:  As aging accelerates, each year you live what is ultimately a lower and lower quality of life until eventually your telomeres “expire” and the inevitable happens:  you die.
But it’s not all bad news…  You see, this same breakthrough medical research also shows that if you can boost the health of your telomeres and keep them from degrading and shortening, you can dramatically slow the aging process and add many high-quality, vivacious and productive years to your life!
This means that even when your chronological age goes up, your cells stay young and vibrant!  We’ve all seen a 50 year old man or woman who doesn’t look a day past 40 and other 50 year olds who look like they could easily pass for 65.  As the old adage goes, your actual age is just a number – what’s of prime importance, however, is your cellular age, or how old (or young) your body looks, feels, performs, and functions.
The primary enzyme responsible for keeping telomeres strong, healthy and long is called telomerase.  And even better, you’ll be happy to know that all 5 ingredients in Ageless Body™ work together synergistically to supercharge telomerase production and keep your body’s cellular timekeepers—your telomeres—healthy, youthful, and full of life!
2. Progressive death over time to your body’s main “power source”, your mitochondria.  Mitochondria are the power plants of our body’s cells.  Simply put, the more energy the mitochondria produce, the younger and healthier we feel.
As we get older, however, mitochondria decrease in number, by as much as 50%!  Not only that, but the mitochondria that remain only work at 50% of their original capacity! With only half the “power lines” operating at 50% capacity, there isn’t nearly as much energy pumping to your joints, heart, brain, lungs, and immune system.  In the end, your ability to live, breathe, move, and be energetic is severely compromised.
Fortunately, Ageless Body™ was also specifically and scientifically formulated to dramatically improve mitochondria performance and function, giving you the upper hand on this seemingly unavoidable source of accelerated aging.
3. Free radical exposure and resulting oxidative damage (i.e. the “rusting” of your body’s cells).  One of the main causes of cellular aging is free radicals, also known as “oxidants”. Essentially, free radicals are energy deficient molecules who seek and destroy healthy cells, stealing their energy and livelihood.  If you’ve ever seen an apple or avocado turn brown after you cut it, or metal rust, you’ve witnessed oxidative stress at work.  This same “rusting” happens within the cells of your body when exposed to the sun (UV exposure), pollution, heavy metals, and even many positive stressors like exercise.
Bottom line, there are simply way too many oxidative villains in modern living, and unless you proactively do something to defend yourself against these youth-robbing free radicals daily, you are undeniably going to get slaughtered…
Enter anti-oxidants, AKA your “cellular bodyguards”.  These generous Good Samaritans selflessly donate their energy so that the energy of your healthy cells is spared.  In the end, your cells stay youthful, energetic, and full of vitality.  And because antioxidants are so critically important to combating the aging process, we made certain to include several of the most powerful, most effective age-defying antioxidants known to man in Ageless Body™, so be sure to stay tuned.
The bottom line is this: with progressively shortening telomeres, massive mitochondrial death, and ongoing oxidative stress being caused at such an accelerated rate by our 21st century lifestyles, it’s no wonder why the world’s population is aging faster than ever before…
Are wrinkles and age spots taking over what once was the beauty of your skin?
Does your partner no longer desire you, or may they soon not, because of the perpetual weight you’re gaining with age?
Does your vision and hearing continue to decline each year?
Is your memory fading?  Is your mind not quite as sharp as it once was?
Do you find yourself tired more often than not?
Do your joints hurt?  Are you sick often?
Do you flat out look OLD?
If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, I want to you to know that there IS something you can do to address and even REVERSE all 3 root causes of degenerative cellular aging, and that’s exactly what Ageless Body™ does with its 5 unique, synergistic ingredients.
The first age-defying super nutrient I’m excited to share with you today is a multi-patented, highly potent form of the revolutionary eastern herb Ashawagandha known as Sensoril®.  Unlike other inferior forms of Ashawagandha, Sensoril® contains only the highest, most potent levels of stress-fighting, cognitive enhancing bioactive constituents making it the most industry-leading, highest-rated, and clinically-tested Ashawagandha extract available anywhere.
In fact, Sensoril® has been shown to combat stress, promote longevity, slow the aging process, revitalize the body, and improve feelings of wellbeing.  More specifically, in a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled study (the gold standard of research design) published in the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association, Dr. Auddy and his colleagues found that 130 middle-aged men and women supplementing with 125mg of Sensoril® daily for 60 days experienced dramatic improvements in numerous age-related biomarkers, including:
*6.5Xs lower cortisol (the stress-induced “belly fat hormone”)
*4Xs higher DHEA levels (an critical biomarker for optimal male and female sex hormone production)
*66% improvement in sleeplessness, psychological stress, and quality of sleep
*5.8Xs lower C-reactive protein levels (another key biomarker associated with inflammation and accelerated aging)
Not only that, but research shows that such a vast reduction in cortisol levels brings levels down to those of individuals at least a DECADE younger.  Talk about rolling back the clock!
Further, heightened levels of the stress hormone cortisol along with poor sleep quality have been shown to accelerate aging and the degradation of your cellular timekeepers – your DNA telomeres.  Sensoril® protects against this degradation by dramatically lowering cortisol and improving sleep, helping to keep your telomeres and the many cells of your body healthy, youthful, and full of life!
The second anti-aging nutrient stand-out I have to tell you about is the most bioavailable, absorbable turmeric extract known to man, called CurcuWIN®.  You see, the “active” anti-aging ingredient found in turmeric is known as curcumin, an extremely potent antioxidant.  In fact, curcumin has been shown to seek and destroy damaging free radicals, lower oxidative stress, slow telomere degradation, and reduce levels of numerous key biomarkers associated with accelerated aging, by as much as 93%!
But unfortunately, curcumin has very poor solubility and would require more than FORTY 250mg capsules of standard curcumin daily to obtain any of its powerful health benefits.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to take 40+ capsules of anything daily!
Enter CurcuWIN®…through a patented process this highly bioavailable turmeric extract is 46 TIMES more absorbable than regular curcumin, and nearly 6 TIMES more absorbable than any other form of turmeric/curcumin, even liquid liposomal turmeric (so don’t be misled by liquid liposomal products claiming to have the best absorption).
Not only that, but patented CurcuWIN® is free of toxins, when almost all other forms of turmeric (including liquid liposomal turmeric) contain the highly toxic solvent EDC, a known carcinogen that stays active in the body for more than 100 years!
In fact, recent research published in Integrative Medicine discovered that many turmeric/curcumin products contained as much as 1,728 TIMES MORE toxic EDC than the established the safety limit of this known cancer-causing agent!  Yikes!  But with CurcuWIN™ you get peace of mind knowing that this premium extract is completely toxin free while being 46Xs more absorbable than standard curcumin/turmeric products.
And as if all that wasn’t enough, curcumin has additionally been shown to shield skin from UV damage, increase skin elasticity, decrease pigmentation, and minimize skin wrinkling all at the same time.  Simply put, for powerful anti-aging protection both on the surface and deep within your body’s cells, don’t trust any other turmeric or curcumin product apart from Ageless Body’s CurcuWIN®.
Our third age-defying superhero included in this anti-aging all-star formula is Setria® glutathione.  You see, glutathione is considered the body’s “master antioxidant” due to its critical involvement in building the DNA and proteins that make up our entire being: our skin, hair, nails, muscles, bones, organs, many of our hormones, enzymes, and even immune cells.  But like many other important biomarkers, glutathione levels decline as we get older, having a profound negative effect on the health of virtually every cell of our bodies.
On top of that, due to its poor bioavailability the only way to previously benefit from supplemental glutathione was via intravenous administration…extremely time consuming, inconvenient, painful, and even more costly!
But with Setria® glutathione, that all changed.  You see, through a proprietary patented fermentation process, Setria® glutathione is the ONLY form of glutathione to elevate actual body stores of glutathione in humans via oral supplementation…an incredible scientific, anti-aging breakthrough!
Not only that, but Setria® glutathione has been shown to:
*Shield energy-producing mitochondria from damaging free radicals
*Effectively DOUBLE immune function and natural killer cell activity
*Reduce melanin (the molecule responsible for dark spots) by a whopping 30%
*Significantly increase the hormones responsible for skin brightness and that “youthful glow”
*Combat external “photo aging” by protecting skin collagen fibers, notably improving skin tone & elasticity, and minimizing wrinkles
And beyond all those benefits, because of its powerful detoxification properties, Setria® glutathione has been shown to protect your “eternal youth genes” by slowing the telomere shortening and degradation caused by environmental toxins, pesticides and pollution.
For the true anti-aging power of glutathione don’t fall victim to imposter glutathione supplements that have NO positive impact on actual body levels of this critically important antioxidant.  Again, Setria® Glutathione is the ONLY form of glutathione to actually elevate body stores of glutathione in humans via oral supplementation, so don’t be fooled.
Super age-defying nutrient #4 is Coenzyme Q10 (better known as CoQ10).  This all-star antioxidant is a critically important component of healthy mitochondria function, the power plants of our body’s cells.  As mentioned, the more energy the mitochondria produce, the younger and healthier we feel.
As we get older, however, mitochondria decrease in both number and efficiency, by as much as 50%, dramatically decreasing the energy pumping to your joints, heart, brain, lungs, and immune system.
Even more, the body’s levels of CoQ10 can be cut in half with age, making supplementation a must for anyone looking to maintain their mitochondrial health – one of the 3 major root causes of aging!
And of course, BioTrust uses only the most stable, most absorbable form of CoQ10 available in our Ageless Body™ formula to ensure you receive nothing less than the premium results you deserve.
And finally, the 5th premium anti-aging powerhouse in our arsenal is a unique, buffered form of Vitamin C known as Magnesium Ascorbate (MA).  This exceptional form of Vitamin C alleviates the GI distress commonly associated with significant Vitamin C intake by buffering it with magnesium – a mineral which has numerous anti-aging benefits of its own including bolstering heart health, bone health, and brain power.
Not only that, but magnesium ascorbate plays a critical role in preventing external skin damage (known as “photo aging”) via its potent antioxidant properties.  MA is essential to the formation of collagen, giving your skin stability and support, reducing wrinkles and even tightening loose skin.
Further, Vitamin C deficiency has been directly associated with shorter telomere length, while higher intakes, such as the significant levels included in Ageless Body™, are associated with longer telomeres and increased cellular health.
Simply put, unlike inferior products that only attempt to address one aspect of cellular aging with ineffective and potentially toxic ingredients, Ageless Body™ offers you triple-action age-defying results by addressing all THREE root causes of aging:
1. Significantly protecting the health and length of your “cellular timekeepers”, your DNA telomeres.  This means that even when your chronological age goes up, your cells stay young and vibrant!
2. Dramatically boosting mitochondrial function and energy production to keep you feeling youthful, energetic, and full of vitality.
3. Unequivocally fighting free radicals and oxidative stress through the most potent antioxidants available anywhere.  These are the “cellular bodyguards” that ultimately keep you feeling AND looking young, lively, and vivacious.
In the end, the research-backed ingredients representing Ageless Body’s™ 3 unique pathways translate to ALL of these incredible benefits for you:
**Rolling back up to 17 years of degenerative cellular aging!
**Combatting external “photo aging”, notably improving skin tone & elasticity, and minimizing wrinkles
**Reducing melanin (the molecule responsible for dark spots) by a whopping 30%
**Significantly increasing the hormones responsible for skin brightness and that “youthful glow”
**Drastically reducing the belly-fat producing, age-accelerating hormone cortisol 6.4Xs lower!
**Reducing sleeplessness and improving quality of sleep by 66%
**Significantly firming and tightening aged skin, especially loose skin
**Dramatically increasing feelings of wellbeing by 36Xs!
And again, it does it all while maintaining and significantly reducing the degradation of the most important aging biomarker ever discovered – the length of your “cellular timekeepers”, your telomeres.
Even more, with Ageless Body™ you’ll say goodbye to:
*The nightmare of looking decades older than your actual age
*Skin issues (such as dry skin, age spots, wrinkles, and saggy skin)
*Decreased energy and increased fatigue
*Loss of muscle tone and your youthful figure
And ultimately, the fear of losing your freedom due to an aging, frail and weakened body and deteriorating mental abilities.
Instead, your body will feel young again, your skin will look better than it has in years, your mood will improve, your confidence will skyrocket, and you’ll once again rest your head easy and sleep comfortably each night…all in just less than 20 short seconds each day.
A younger, more vibrant, more energetic and vivacious body in less than 20 seconds a day?  It really is that simple.
To begin experiencing the premium age-defying benefits of Ageless Body™ for yourself, simply click on the special link below and select your money saving package right now:
And of course, like with all BioTrust products, you’re always protected by our industry-best 365 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, where you can get a refund of even empty bottles if for any reason you aren’t satisfied — up a full YEAR after securing your order today!
Are we crazy?  No, we’re just so incredibly confident that you will see and experience the dramatic anti-aging, skin-rejuvenating, and overall cell-reviving benefits of Ageless Body™ that we want to make it one of the easiest decisions you’ve ever made to try this premium formula without delay.
Act now to secure your savings on this brand new super age-defying, life-restoring supplement!
To your ultimate health and longevity
KJensifyme Healthy | Katharine
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