Way to Go, Joe!!!


Way to Go, Joe!!!

Wow!   Soon will be this Guy’s Anniversary with Valentus!    Way to Go, Joe!!! For more info, PLZ Msg me and will get you started!
Joe2Started November 17 2016 at 260 lbs as Jan 24 2017 down 51 lbs. I’m a 6 foot man and I’m really liking how things are going. I’ve changed so much, eating better exercising again. I have a goal of 200 lbs and 10 percent body fat. Let me tell you guys your wife will appreciate your efforts. I have a make a edit to my post. I don’t want people to think I did this weight loss program so people in my life would like me more and think I look better. The best thing we all need to do is to do it for your self and how you want to feel about your self love your self first. It all starts with what you want.
Did it by going on 12/24 and eating very good and exercise everyday. Cardio and weights.  valentusproducts.com/12in24-plan
For more info on Valentus products visit KJensifyme’s Valentus.Functional

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