Valentus!  Everyone’s Hero!Wow just look at Carly’s Success!
I have no pics to share.. I HATED taking pics of myself, especially full pics. I am 2 months in now and feel amazing, almost confident enough to post pics. I have lost about 10 inches total and really notice it. My allergies have cleared up to the point that I only need an antihistamine once a week if that. I went shopping this past week while on a mini vacay to Seattle and almost cried. I never could buy what I wanted, only what would fit me. I was with my husband and tried on a dress, in XL which would not have fit 2 months ago. I was unsure if I should take it into the dressing room, to avoid that feeling if disgust that I would experience always.. But I took it in there anyway………. OMG it fit perfectly!!!!!! Tears of happiness flooded my eyes and cheeks.. I was in joy while my husband was concerned and confused as to why I was crying coming out of the dressing room lol.. I was like DAMN this is actually working.. I guess it was my first realization that I am so much healthier, I love Valentus and its amazing.
Wanting more info?  PM me plz and will gladly get you set up!Take the free tour.

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