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Ever Wonder Why?    I DON’T KNOW WHY I CAN’T LOSE WEIGHT?Well here is your Blessing in Disguise of a CUP OF COFFEE!☕Just love my wee cup of coffee ☕xxPM Me for more info!Take the free tour here… #valentuschanginglives … Continue reading

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☆☆☆ 《《 HOUSTON:  WE HAVE A TOUR DATE!!!! 》》 ☆☆☆
   Houston and surrounding areas…….please come! Bring guests! If you do not live in the area but have prospects that can come please invite them and we will be great hosts to your guests! Guest overview 10-11………training until 2.
Sign up or even Pre-enroll here….  Great information!  A Conference you can’t Miss out!!!

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Wow, Amanda!  Amazing!
💥P E R S O N A L ▪️ R E S U L T S💥
Who suffers with bloating after eating carbs❓I know I do😩So I did a little experiment while I’m on an all inclusive holiday ☀️🍞🥖🥐bare in mind I do still have a mummy tummy……I decided not to drink any of my juice for one day, after a day of filling myself up with carbs…..check out my pregnant 🤰looking belly 😢                                   VSThe next day eating exactly the same but having one glass of our amazing juice🍹you can see the difference right❓yep me too and I feel it❗️
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Valentus Products are much more than just for weight loss… for you Health!PM me for more info!  visit for free tour!

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***☆☆☆ ATTENTION!  ATTENTION! ☆☆☆***All who live and work in EDMONTON AND SURROUNDING AREAS!This is for you!
*** Set Your Calendars for AUGUST 24, 2017!  ***
Come join in the fun!  Great day with Great Information and Training!  Guest Speakers, and more!   A day you cannot miss!
So Excited to have Dave and John coming to Edmonton. If you are from out of town and want to book a room the Hyatt has blocked off some rooms for Valentus. We do have to book the rooms by AUGUST 4TH.
To find out more about Valentus…. Take the free tour here:

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Wow!  Another success Story with Valentus!  PM me when your ready to start your success story!  Visit for more product info!
~ MY TESTIMONIAL TO DATE~ 16.7.17I cannot believe it’s been 9 months I’ve been drinking this coffee!😱😱😱After having my two kids going from a size 10 to 16! It was hard losing my weight. Really it was.Until I discovered weight loss products! I was over the moon! In 2015I started taking weightloss pills and cutting out meals, starving my body and living on shakes. From April 2015 til November 2015, I lost over a stone and went from a 14 to a 12. I couldn’t believe it. I was so happy .. and I was working out.
I then thought I wonder if I stopped taking them what will happen? And stop working out🙈🙈
I put the weight back on ten fold!Up a dress size and up a stone.From January to Sept 2016 I worked out. I had a Pt. I did the shakes and supplements.My face looked slim and I thought I did too. Until a teacher took a photo of me in Sept I was shocked. I cried!😭😭😭 see below in red!
Not only that from 2013 every month before my period for 2 weeks of be bloated, depressed lethargic emotional .. heck it felt like I was pregnant again!
I would do anything for something to keep me slim trim and full of energy.
By eating every day healthy as can be with a cheeky treat, NO PILLS NO STARVATION NO CALORIE COUNTING,I drink a cup of my amazing coffee every morning … and look at me now!
I dropped 2 whole dress sizes! Without working out.1 lost a total of 8 pounds of fat I couldn’t shift.I function every day!I have energy!I’m not depressed. 😊😊😊😊😊
Now that I lost what I needed, I’m focusing on working out alongside an amazing eating plan as i have my own online personal trainer who is helping me actually get toned and defined. Which was my goal. To lose the fat and get trim!
Now I just drink it purely for my moods.
It’s a life changer. And I am so thankful for this amazing product. 💖🥂#valentusworks #valentuschanginglives #healthbenefits #changinglivesonesipatatime