The Candida Fix!

There’s an infection in your body. Your body is attacking itself because of these “little creatures”. You might be one of them and not even know it…

They cause:

Food allergies Digestive disorders

Increased cravings for carbs and sugar

Frequent headaches or migraines

Muscle aches

Chronic athlete’s foot and yeast infection in toenails or fingernails

Itching or burning in your intimate parts

Fatigue & Depression

Brain fog

If you’ve felt of this, you my have turned your body into the perfect infection hibernation ground for…

Candida albicans.

How do you get rid of it?
Changing your diet may help lessen some symptoms, but that alone won’t address the underlying root cause of the overgrowth…  
They say diet will help….

They say anti-fungal cream might too…

Anti-biotics… maybe…

There’s one thing you can do (all in 2 steps)…Stop this overgrowth in your body…  By introducing Valentus Breakthrough AM/PM to your daily routine, you can reduce or limit the effects of Canada!  … With just 1 AM in the morning and 1 PM in the evening for 12 days on, then go 12 days off… repeat, you will soon be feeling the results!   For more in on the Breakthough AM/PM go to

Order yours today at

Or may Take the free tour at

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Hi, my name is Katharine. Am a Mom of 2 Grownup Children, and 4 Grandchildren, and 4 great Grandkids! Am a mom and Grandma / G. Grandma 1st, An Affiliate Marketer second! Am a CEO with KJensifyme Healthy | Katharine Valentus Prevail Products: Take the free tour: Managing weight with the healthiest Coffee on the Planet Earth! Valentus Coffee is designed to help you lose weight! BioTrust: Discover How You Can Gain Control Over The Hormone That Influences Practically Every Hormone Related To Fat Loss. visit

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