Healthy Benefits of Valentus!

Another Amazing Testimony showing the amazing results with healthy benefits of Valentus!

Not just about the weight loss…

These 2 products are changing my husband’s life.In September of 2016 I started with Valentus because of the results of others.  My husband health issues where the main reason.  He has high blood pressure, high cholesterol and border line diebitic.  He goes quarterly to the Dr to make sure everything is good.  October he still had all the same results, blood pressure,  cholesterol and sugars were high.  He started using the coffee, twice a day, as the Max was not available yet and went back in January and at that time  his blood pressure normal, blood sugars normal and cholesterol still high.  Which is good as the numbers were changing.  

He did miss his March appointment with Dr and he indroduced the Max into his daily rountine. He went to have his blood taken last week for his check up with Dr.  The lab tech told him his blood looked beautiful and doesn’t see that color very often, as when she takes blood for others that are sick it looks different.  

He went to the Dr  yesterday and happy to say all the blood work is normal along with the high blood pressure.  Dr is starting to adjust his meds as he doesn’t have to be on such high dosage now.  Dr asked what he’s doing different and he told him about Valentus.  Dr asked are you watching what you eat, he said sure do watch the cake, ice cream, chips etc go into my mouth.  Dr asked are you exercising more and he replied no still sit and watch TV most of the day.  Dr said keep doing what your doing, although it would be nice to eat more healthier and exercise more would help with the progress.
He doesn’t eat healthy nor exercises at all.  Valentus products are changing his life, 2 coffees a day, Max 3 times a day.

Do you have health issues… Valentus may be able to help you too!  (always check with doctor first)  product info can viewed at

order yours today!




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