Cyndy’s Review!

☆☆☆Awesome Saturdays Presents another Amazing Testimony!!☆☆☆A personal update –

I started my Valentus journey 11/28/16. I never realized how much I have changed over the past 2 yrs, and mostly the last 7 months until today! I have still lost more fat and inches than pounds. I’m down 6 pant sizes!  I’ve done it mainly with the SlimROAST coffee, using one, sometimes two a day. I didn’t change my diet much at all. If I want something, I still have some – just not all of it at once! Just naturally found that I did not have the same cravings for sugar and fat and was really unaware of the change until I realized one day I was turning down some favorites!  I did not exercise until 3 wks ago.  Looking forward to a more improved and continued healthy life with Valentus!

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