I saw this post and it made sense! So many want to see a loss on the scale fast and in most cases it is not at all fast!!Happens but may take longer for some.Did you wake up to the FAT WHOOSH? 💦💦💦How would you know/notice? 🤔Personally, there have been mornings where I would wake up and elimination happens and it seems like you pee forever! 😳😌Finally, the fat collapsed!! 😜😬All your hard work paid off!😎You did NOT give up!😍The FAT LOST!😛You WON!🏆Most give up because they let the scale be their indicator of success or failure! They look at the scale – say “product xxx doesn’t work” and give up. They give up way too soon and miss out on the WHOOSH! 💦💦💦 It seems to be about the 3rd week or so – you almost made it 30 days on your new journey-but the scale LIED!!Hang in there – Keep going – Wake Up and viola ….the Whoosh will happen!!! 💦💦💦Do NOT LET THE FAT WIN!!
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