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LOOK AT KIRA!!!! Here’s her update…So. I literally posted earlier this month for the first time in this group. Saying verbally what it has done for me. Now here are the pictures!

I am literally just starting my 2nd week of my 2nd round of #12in24 and have done 2 rounds of the breaking cleanse (12 days on, 12 days off). There were days that I might of had a prevail energy or a second slimroast, and sometimes have the prevail max but the only consistent thing was the #12in24

* I am a preferred customer, I did not diet, I did not exercise, I only drank maximum 8 glasses of water a day, including the water added to the beverages. In fact just this week I have been trying to drink “half of our weight in ounces of water” and even then I’m not consistent*

It’s funny how so impatient I have been! I mean it’s just been over a month so I have to say for just over a month! My results are amazing! For me, they are amazing!

If there is anything I can recommend to the ladies taking this or trying this is do not weigh or take pictures or take inches during 2 weeks of the month you know to be the most bloated. I always want to throw in the towel than because I think the products are not working!

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Great update…  Show Valentus is not just for weight loss….  but way of life changing results!

Marcie says….  I would just like to give everyone an update on how my Mom is doing as we have received some tremendous news from her doctor this week & I just had to share!! He says that this is the best health that my Mom has been in for many years & to keep on doing whatever it is that she has been doing, as it is obviously working for her!! She told him about Valentus and he gave her 2 thumbs up to stick with it! She was pleased to hear that she is no longer “Too Skinny”! My Mom has been able to remain off of her anti-depressants & sleeping pills for months now.  Her career has taken off and she has been ranked #1 in sales within her organization, which is something that gives her such a sense of joy & purpose with her life. Before  Valentus, her poor health & lifestyle choices did not allow her to feel capable of working at all. Although the pain from her osteoporosis is still present, it is so much more manageable now & her IBS symptoms no longer surface. Our relationship has grown as their is much less strain on it now & It is such a blessing to see how Mom is able to simply enjoy her life. This has truly been an answer to our prayers & we are so very thankful 💖

As you may or may not have remembered…. Here is why and the original Testimony…

I want to share with you a testimony about my wonderful Mother who is 63 years old.  She has many health issues, battled addiction for many years & is a 4X cancer survivor. I have had her on the SlimRoast Coffee, Prevail Energy & the Immune Boost for 4 months now. She is far too thin & actually needs to gain weight, but I knew the products would help her with all of her many ailments & she has even been able to successfully quit smoking. Remarkably, her migraines have  dramatically been reduced to the odd headache, her IBS has cleared up, her back pain from osteoporosis has improved tremendously, her anxiety & depression have almost completely vanished & she no longer has to take her sleeping pills. She has even put on a healthy 10lbs, which is great for her. The products won’t make you lose weight if you don’t need too. My Mom is a wonderful woman who has suffered much throughout her life. To see her feeling this amazing & to be filled with such hope for her future is the best gift Valentus has given us. #ThankyouDaveandJoyce

Great Job!  you see… Valentus is about improving your way of life!!    PM me for more info!

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Another Awesome Update from Laurie Leigh!   Great Job!
DID YOU KNOW?When you lose 10 pounds off your body, you relieve 40 pounds of pressure from your knees?I’ve lost 50 pounds off my physical body! And I am here to tell you that the relief of pressure on my knees, ankles and the bottom of my feet is incredible! Not to mention that my blood pressure has gone down considerably, I can cross my legs again and I went shopping in my own closet!It’s no joke folks! All I did was Just Add Water.I’m determined to fly under the radar of the medical profession. They cut out half my thyroid 33 years ago and I swore then that I was not going to have another part removed from my body again. And that means no hip or knee replacements either. So I had to make a change in my Life.That change was the Valentus Lifestyle Beverages.Along with losing the weight, I’ve gained brain focus, incredible energy despite having only half a thyroid, better digestion and elimination…the list goes on and on. Life Changing!I got my Sexy back! And my Quality of Life. And all I do is Just Add Water.
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Another Testimonial

Let me tell you my story!!!

WHY I LOVE Prevail Max!!!

I had back surgery 6 years ago and was told I will be in pain the rest of my life cause of a ruptured disk that was damaged by a 5cms piece of plastic that was left in my back from an epidural needle. I have been using the Max since it came out and lets just say I LOVE MAX Nothing has ever taken the pain away like this and if I don’t use it for a day it’s not okay only because I am totally pain-free. Oh By the way the plastic piece was in my back for 33 years

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Dear Member,

Thursday’s Valentus call will feature Blue Diamond Korey Johnson

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