Still Think Can’t afford?

valentus products19106001_1742902606008424_786090591627684856_nThink you can’t afford our products 🙆🏼😞 have a read of this 🙊👇🏼
• Do you grab a coffee on the go twice a week at $3.90 each? ☕ That’s $32. a month!
• Do you have a takeout every Saturday night at $25? 🍕🍔🍟That’s $100 a month!
• Do you buy a meal deal from the corner shop twice a week at $3 a pop? 🍞🍫That’s $24 a month!
• Do you spend $30 on a night out twice a month? 🍷🍻🍸That’s $60 a month!
Add all that up and that’s  over $172 in a month! 😵💰Our products cost less than $3 a day for a month’s supply !
Valentus Lifestyle plansThey also stop sugar cravings and reduce appetite, preventing you from buying all of the above  😃  PM me for more info!!!

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